Sebastian Kurz. NWO swamp creature shows his true crocodile colours?

Tal Silberstein, a business associate of Jared Kushner, organized facebook sites both supporting and opposing NWO candidate Sebastian Kurz in the upcoming national election, it has emerged.

The bizarre role of Silberstein, who was recently arrested in Israel, underlines the extent to which an international organized crime gang, which can loosely be called, the New World Order, plays both sides of the political field.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that Kurz is a liar and a fake, trying to make a power grab over the Austrian government on behalf of the NWO. Kurz has, for one thing, been caught lying about at least one meeting with Silberstein in April 2014.

Also, he manipulated statistics on overseas aid to make Austria look better.

And Kurz sent an attache implicated in a corruption case in Kiev to become the new Austrian consul in Athens, who promptly refused to help, lied brazenly etc. Who gains from crushing my hope of justice here and delivering me up to the NWO? George Soros, Alexis Tsipras, Jared Kushner etc.

Also, it has emerged Kushner hid his personal email account from the Senate Intelligence Committee. Who knows who Kushner has been communciating with? Soros, Kushner, Tsipras?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is questioning the role of Kushner as a senior advisor after he found out Kushner was holding secret talks with Senators to influence Homeland Security policy, according to Politico.

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