Rex Tillerson supported Africa despots as Exxon chief. Africa key target of eugenicist Globalists making grab over natural resources

Rex Tillerson supported dictatorships in Africa because it brought more profit to Exxon, media alledge.

Tensions may be simmering between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump over his “moron” comment, but if he remains in his job his “oil diplomacy” will continue its negative impact on the African continent.

Since Tillerson became chief executive of ExxonMobil in 2006, his interest in Africa was driven by the need to maximise profits in terms of Exxon’s oil investments. The thinking that informed his interaction with African states was “the right kind of dictators can be more predictable and profitable than democracies”.

 The oil producing countries of Africa were a target of the eugenicist Globalists. Liberia was the place where the flase flag Ebola outbreak started in 2014. In 2016, Exxon started to drilled offshore for oil.

The price of licenses to drill and install pipelines around Africa and other energy rich countries would be rock bottom in the event the locals were wiped out by Ebola, so there is a financial incentive for oil companies to engage in depopulation.

Meanwhile, more evidence has emerged that US ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt is corrupt and is being kept in his place by Tillerson for that reason.

It was only this Friday that the Greek parliament table a memorandum of understanding on an intiative to tackle tax evasion, called FACTA, a step necessary to make the tougher controls law stopping the kind of brazen bribery of African officials by Exxon in Africa.

Pyatt has been ambassador for two years. If he were a corrupt NWO agent with a blackmail list, knowing who has accepted bribes in offshore bank accounts, and being able to send money to offshore bank accounts would be an ace up his sleave and he would seek to delay key legislation tackling corruption.

And of course, as a fixer of eugenicist Globalist, George Soros, Pyatt could well be useful to Tillerson as well as Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin oligarchs in pushing through a depopulation agenda.

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