James Mattis expected to outline new approach for US army, hopefully I can finally go into retirement if I get out of Greece alive, no longer have to blog about biodefense breaches

Watch live stream of James Mattis giving a speech in Washington DC, in which he could outline a new approach by the US army to face up to the challenges posed by the hostile forces also such as NWO aligning itself with foreign governments over a broad range of information and technology fields.


The AUSA website says a new, updated version of the Army Field Manual, FM 3-0, will be be “rolled out” at today’s meeting. 


The US army needs to reform and innovate across all the fields of its operations and all the levels of its hierarchy. Certainly, it can t rely on blogs like mine in future  to inform them about basic biosecurity measures for their soldiers or about cyber hacking. It has to generate that kind of info itself and apply it.

AUSA says…

The Army’s foundational manual for operations—Field Manual 3-0: Operations—has been updated to recognize a broader and more complex security environment, including the rapidly evolving capabilities of potential adversaries in new domains such as cyber, information and the electromagnetic spectrum.

“We’re doing a lot of things simultaneously because the environment is rapidly evolving and changing, much like technology. If you can’t keep pace with how our adversaries are changing their methods of operating, or keep pace with how they are professionalizing and modernizing their forces, then you’re going to fall behind, and that’s part of us being able to maintain a level of overmatch,” Lundy said. He will discuss the manual Oct. 11 at the Warriors Corner during the AUSA meeting.


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