Just three days before he is due to arrive in the USA and four days before he is set to meet Donald Trump in the White House, Alexis Tsipras is set to come to Larisa.

He will give a speech on Wednesday 11th October at 7 30 pm in the Hotel Imperial as part of a conference about regional issues in Thessaly.

Tsipras is set to have meeting with Trump and other members of the Trump team on 17th and 18th as part of a five day visit to the USA.


Tsipras is going to Chicago, the political base of eugenicist Globalist Barack Obama and the HQ of Baxter, on the 14th October.

Asking Tsipras about his discussions with Barack Obama when he came to Greece last November might yield useful information about the NWO and its depopulation plans in the USA, especially if some experienced interrogators like Mike Pompeo are extracting information.  Obama has been a key figure in the three most dangerous attempts to start a false flag epidemic since 2009.

Baxter was caught trying to start a global epidemic when it contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 facilities close to Vienna and sending the material out to four countries in 2009.

I filed charges at the Vienna state prosecutor’s office and they started an investigation. Immediately afterwards, Obama turned up in Mexico City and was at the epicentre of an attempt to hype a swine flu outbreak. The first alleged victim was an archaeologist called Felipe Solis whom he met during a tour of a museum.

Read my 2010 account of these incredible real world events by clicking on the link below

Mexico Obama

Obama sent US troops to West Africa to deal with the Ebola outbreak in 2014 without adequate protection or training, in an apparent attempt to infect them. He stood down federal quarantine and screening rules to allow Ebola to enter the USA and spread. He and his minions at the CDC “hacked” the biosecurity protocols to protect medical personnel and detect people who could be infected to allow Ebola to spread. Obama is a dangerous and evil man and finding out as much about him as possible and his Chicago network would surely help US intelligence protect against any new depopulation threat.

Obama also made a surprise visit to Greece just days after the show trial in Larisa which was supposed to see me dispatched to a facility to be turned into a second Otto Warmbier was postponed until mid October. I have to go to the court to double check the exact date.


Applying some gentle water pressure during an overnight stay at Langley, the CIA could try to ascertain if Obama discussed my case with Tsipras or other Greek officials.

Bear in mind, Tsipras will not be able to say or do anything if he is waterboarded without having to reveal the reason. But revealing he is a NWO eugenicist aiming to wipe out all Greece will shorten his life considerably as Athens police, for example, stand down to let irate locals have a go at him. And he can’t leave Greece either since the NWO depopulation agenda is global.

Other lines of inquiry could be the role of the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt in my crushing justice in my case and in relation to Soros and Vladimir Putin who visited Greece in May 2016 and Russia as well as oil, pipelines and Souda Bay.

Other members of Tsipras’ entourage worth examining are Nikos Pappas and the Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, linked to the Stasi.

The Greek Minister of Education and Religious affairs, who is the chief of the 10,000 or so Orthodox clergy, including the Bishop of Volos, on the ministry’s payroll as government officials, will also be attending the Larisa conference.

I might try to get a banner ready calling for his arrest and hand out leaflets about my case as a journalist fighting the NWO depopulation plan through vaccines and Tsipras’ help for the eugenicist Globalists.

Stay posted!


Must get charges against Judge Dimitrios Vasilopoulos and Theodekti for their new crimes done urgently to get them included in my case.

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