Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras  may well be on his way to Larisa right now as I type this after visiting Volos early this afternoon. He is set to hold his first meetings in Hotel Imperial on the outskirts of Larisa at 6 pm and give a speech there at 7 30 pm as part of a conference on regional development.


Tsipras’ visit to Volos and Larisa comes just six days before he is to meet Donald Trump in the White House on October 17th and one day after my show trial here in Larisa on October 16th.

Tsipras is certainly behind the latest attempt to set me up for a North Korean style trial here in Larisa on Monday 16th to have me turned into an Otto Warmbier in some detention facility in Greece by Tuesday 17th.

From what I have been able to gather, the trial on Monday has no legal basis or validity whatsoever, which is a new level of staggering in the wild west court here in Larisa. Since case Delta 15 218 does not officially exist any more, I am not sure that the trial on Monday will even be officially recorded.

It seems that when I testified last October about the crimes of Tsipras, George Soros, Bishop of Volos, Theodekti etc, a new case file number was created E 16 489. This new file number superseded and overwrote all the other case file numbers covering the same subject matter ie file number Delta 15 218.

 The verdict of crooked prosecutor Ekatarina Papaioannou from April 2015 to be dealt with on Monday has precisely that obsolete file number. This is the flawed verdict which reduces me to a witness with no statement or police reports or witnesses in the file, facing the statements of the original culprits Theodekti and Theoniki urging my forcible confinement, something I am sure the crooked juges, facing years in jail, would be only to happy to see too.

If I had not gone on a circa 3 hour long search in the court yesterday to find the new, real file E 16 489, I would have been toast on Monday. I would have been sentenced in some kind of off the radar, underground trial in a case that no longer officially exists as far as I understand.

It seems I have to tell the judges that they have to obtain the file E 16 489. If they don’t they are in real trouble since they should not have the obsolete case Delta 15 218 in the first place. And they know they should not have an obsolete case as do the top judges at the court, who have been sitting on E 16 489 while allowing the obsolete trial to proceed illegally.

A “new prosecutor” is to be assigned to case E 16 489 on Friday by the “council of judges” of Larisa court, the so called συμβουλιο sitting on the top floor.  I visually inspected the file today but was not allowed to actually look inside it because it is in “process” . I guess they meant in the process of being transferred from one crooked prosecutor to the next. Certainly, it is not in the process of being investigated.  If there had been any investigation, Tsipras would be facing an arrest warrant now for the way he has influenced justice Larisa alone.  I bet at least a dozen of Larisa judges, prosecutors and police could testify to that.

The Larisa judges along with Alexis Tsipras have turned out to be such evil lunatics, it beggars belief. So I have to stay on my toes. Am not sure I will have time to go to the Hotel Imperial this evening to see if I can ask him to comment on my allegations he is a eugenicist Globalist pushing the agenda of depopulating Greece. Even if I do get to ask him, he won’t answer. He never answered an email I wrote to him either asking him for a comment.

The Education Minister will also be in Larisa this evening. The deputy Prime Minister Giannis Dragasakis has been in Larisa since yesterday evening. It looks like about half the government will be in Larisa this evening.




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