Watch a video of Alexis Tsipras receiving rapturous applause from the audience in Larisa yesterday evening just days before my show trial and his trip to the White House. Likely among those cheering him on are some of the crooked prosecutors, judges, police and clergy here. They know when Tsipras exits political office, their chances of jail time grow significantly.

Certainly, I did not spot in the audience an elderly gentlemen and a group of students seeking to talk to Tsipras about the sudden closure of a faculty of engineering here. I myself did not go. If I want to watch wolves and weasels I can go to the mountains, right?

Donald Trump had a meeting with Henry Kissinger, another eugenicist Globalist, in the White House on Tuesday.

Busy with my case, tomorrow must go to the court to find out the name of the new prosecutor for my actual case E 16 489, which covers all the original crimes and more and so makes Monday’s case obsolete.

It looks like Tsipras with the help of supervillains Theodekti and Theoniki is still hoping to turn me into Otto Warmbier by Tuesday using this a crooked and now legally invalid judgment.

Theodekti and Theoniki are appearing personally as witnesses this time round, no doubt to repeat their absurd claims made in written statements to the police that I am permanently drund and self injure. Yes, Theodedekti and Theoniki claim I drank 39,000 euros worth of Tsipouro and Wine in 18 months, which is the equivalent of 8.5 liters a day of a spirit as strong as Whiskey or circa 45 litres a day of red wine (1 liter of wine here costs less than 2 euros)

I will tell the judges and crooked prosecutor Dimitra Papacosta that the judgement is obsolete, there is a new investigation. Papacosta knows that any way since she was the one who told me to testify to the judge in October and November 2016 for a new investigation and she was the one who took the new case E 16 489 at the beginning of 2017, so I was told yesterday.

But she is no doubt going to try and pretend she is clueless.

Help from the Austrian government is going to be the only thing keeping the Tsipras depopulation tools at bay.

At any rate with the help I have got from Austria now, I am now 90% sure I will get through Monday. But alas, only to face more attempts to have me arrested with invalid warrants or being shot in cold blood in the streets as the Globalists seek to get me out of the way to push through their depopulation plans.

That should make even Papacosta think. Okay, facing years in jail is not pleasant but at least she will be alive. If Ebola vaccines are unleashed on Greece, she will not be alive at all.

Also, the Pentagon has to finally get its act together and start generating information about asymmetric threats like epidemic vaccines because this will take the pressure off me and increase the USA chance of not being wiped out in a false flag epidemic. I get that monitoring your bank accounts, stocks and shares, negotiating book deals and watching NFL is much more interesting. But you have to do your fair share to maintaining your own lives, the lives of your family and fellow humans, okay? You can’t leave it all on one worn out person like me in constant danger and expect a long life, okay, Chuck Hagel, Suzanne Collins, Martin Dempsey, James Mattis, Mike Pompeo, James Comey and the rest on the long roll call of failure and shame.


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