Hungary declares Soros to be agent of Satan, spiritual dimension acknowledged

Hungary has declared George Soros, proven reader and copier of my own blog, to be an agent of Satan, turning the battle against the eugenicist Globalists into a spiritual one.

The proof that Soros reads my blog was given the same file number by Larisa court officials in January 2017 as the police reports etc into the murder attempt against me on account of my Ebola reporting in April 2015, only for all of that evidence to be suppressed. The only thing left in that file by the time Larisa prosecutor Katerina Pappaionnou issued her verdict in April 2016 were statements of the two key culprits accusing me of drinking 8.5 litres of whiskey a day and self harming and encouraging my immediate forcible confinement and the statements of two other dependents on Theodekti, which never mentioned alcohol or self harming. No attempt was made to investigate the contradictions.

Not just Soros but all the eugenicist Globalists are agents of Satan whether it is Alexis Tsipras, Boris Johnson, Sebastian Kurz or, it seems, the likes of H R McMastr.

Globalism as a Satanic power grab over the world is the anti thesis of every religion whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism. Each one of these true religions promotes morality, respect for God, human beings, life, creation, justice and truth.

I can tell you, dear Readers, if God had not helped me at every step, I would not alive today. God helped me at every step because God wants to defeat the Satanic NWO plan to wripe out 7 billion plus people with epidemic vaccines and set up a one world government under an arrogant meglomaniac.

So, let’s take a moment to pray to God and ask Him for His help in this spiritual fight against evil. He will surely give us help, inspiration, lucky breaks. And as we go through these trials, God will give us more opportunities to develop positive qualities and come closer to Him, the eternal spirit, and to obtain eternal life as a spirit in His spirit, three in one, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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