FBI implicated in Las Vegas shooting cover up

The official narrative about the Las Vegas shooting does not add up and many different theories are inevitably filling the void as the public tries to figure out what happened.

According to the media, for example, the shooter had 23 firearms, including assault rifles with bipods, in his hotel room.


But it is not clear how he could have brought all those firearms as well as the huge quantities of ammunition he allegedly fired to his room without it being noticed by hotel staff or security guards monitoring video camera footage.

The security guard allegedly shot by the gunman disappeared before an interview with Fox News.


The Sherriff in charge of the investigation really does seem to be scared or threatened by an FBI fixer Aaron Rouse as Alex Jones alleges.

Robert Mueller and the FBI do have a history of corruption under the Clintons and Barack Obama and of covering up the Globalist crimes, including Nine Eleven.

And the FBI seems to be engaged in corruption again in Las Vegas in the shooting used to push a gun control agenda, further undermining public trust in it.

Mueller and his successor James Comey certainly acted to cover up the role of Obama in the swine flu false flag in 2009 and Ebola false flag in 2014.

They have also signalled by their inaction to the Globalists that I can be a target for assassination here in Greece. So, I get that the Las Vegas Sherriff really might be afraid of being suicided or Arkansided by corrupt FBI agents, who have taken over the investigation.

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