Trump to meet eugenicist Globalist Alexis Tsipras in DC today

Alexis Tsipras is set to meet Donald Trump in the Oval office at midday local time for an extended lunch.

The talks come against the backdrop of what appears to be a Globalist orchestrated outbreak of plague in Madagascar.

Tsipras has shown a surprising interest in epidemic control measures, giving a speech on this subject within the framework of a WHO conference in Budapest just as the plage outbreak began.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the meeting between Trump and Tsipras will be.

Trump is an ambivalent figure, who seems to be under the influence of eugenicist Globalist Henry Kissenger while his son in law Jared Kushner seems to be a paid agent of George Soros, whose fixer Geoffrey Pyatt rules Greece as US ambassador behind the scenes.

Half of Trump’s team are also Goldman Sachs and other bankers, themselves the driving motors behind depopulation and false flag war plans, which have been synchronised with economic collapses caused by their looting of countries via high interest.

But Trump’s election victory was also due to the US military and intelligence community desiring to purge the USA of Globalists, especially those planning to wipe out the entire population as part of epidemic vaccine campaigns.

It remains to be seen whether he and the Pentagon will patch up its biodefense gaps. There is no sign of that happening yet, leaving the USA as vulnerable today as in 2014.

Tsipras is verifiably a eugenicist Globalist who now seems to be planning to use Greece as a launch pad for spreading diseases like plague via vaccinated migrants, throughout Europe, and the world.

The question is whether the US military and intelligence can make it clear to Tsipras and the other Globalists that they have to back off during his Washington visit or whether Tsipras gets the impression he can continue to commit crimes with total impunity.

The way my case is being handled in Greece strongly suggests the notion the Globalists either have the Trump team in their pocket or they consider them to be so totally incompetent they can be ignored. Both these alternatives are not particularly cheering.

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