Plague chaos could also wipe out Globalists, consoling side effect

A grim scenario involving more than a half the people or a million people infected by the plague in Antananarivo in Madagascar is being touted by a local paper as possible.

“All the capacities of hospitals and health centres would be exceeded,” says L Express.

The chaos the plague will cause is also a problem for the Globalists. They need to have their power structures in place to reconstitute themselves as the world government after depopulation etc. If the use a disease which is very lethal, there is a real risk they will no longer be able to control who gets and who doesn’t. Yes, they might even end up getting it themselves.

Facing that problem, I can imagine that Globalist scientists like Daniel Bausch and his team members in Madagascar may be looking at ways to control the plague.

They could, for example, try to cultivate an especially virulent strain of plague that is resistant to all antibiotics except a few secrets ones known only to the Globalists.

Or they could give some people effective antibiotics, saving them, and others ineffective, diluted or fake antibiotics, letting these be killed.

Or they could give some people effective diagnostic tests, saving them, while giving targets ineffective ones or ones that do not function because there is no more reagent.

Long term, it seems likely they will try to hype a local outbreak on an island like Madagascar to roll out a plague vaccine that kills the victim without being contagious. Otherwise, it is game over for them too.

There are so many factors to consider in controlling the spread of the plague that I don t think the Globalists will manage it.

For example, a rat in Antananarivo could become infected, get onto a ship, and travel to France, where the infected rats disembark, settle into random cargo trucks, one of which takes them straigt to the wineries of the Rothschilds, who, lo and behold, end up by chance being infected as they show guests  their cellars wiping their hands across a barrel surface…

An unlikely scenario? Not if we understand the immense power of God. God can make the most unlikely things happen. He can use the plague chaos to wipe out the Globalists once and for all just as they try to wipe large numbers of us out.

Meanwhile in Madagascar, the plague is making headway.

Health centres in Madagascar have already run out of the reagent needed to carry out a rapid diagnostic test to see if someone is presenting with ordinary flu or pneumomic plague.

A large scale operation to clean up Antananarivo is underway but with mixed results.

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