Donald Trump could chose a hawk to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve. Stanford economist John Taylor is expected to hike interest rates as well as to proceed with plans to reduce the central bank’s portfolio of bonds and securities, which have kept rates close to zero to stimulate the real economy.

Higher interest rates will sink the real economy, slow US exports by making them more expensive, increase US imports by making them less expensive, and send the federal government deeper into a debt death spiral.

Trump now needs to implement the Chicago Plan to save the US economy and take back the Federal Reserve from the private bankers.

Ironically, Trump’s own business empire as well as Jared Kushner’s deeply indebted real estate company will likely collapse under the double whammy of much higher interest rates to be paid on bank loans and sinking demand.

That said, we don’t really know how much money Trump has been getting from money laundering activities by Russians. His business model could depend more on that than on the US economy, making him vulnerable to bribery.

Jared Kushner appears to have  been selling cash for political favours using an online real estate company, Cadre, as a front into which George Soros and other Globalists have been pouring tens of millions of dollars.

It has just emerged that his Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross failed to disclose two billion dollars in assets. Ross was vice chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, linked to money laundering operations by Russian oligarchs.

The Pentagon has also said the US economy is critical to US security in as far as it must fund the military. But Trump’s plan to pick a bankster tool shows that the Pentagon still has not grasped that economic collapse is inevitable if a country allows private banks control of its money supply and to push up interest rates as Trump now intends to do.

As Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten points out, there is persistent low inflation in the USA, partly because of technical innovation, partly because of the gigantic amount of low costs imports, making higher interest rates difficult to justify.

The biggest risk is that the higher interest rates will squeeze the already weak economy yet more, eventually crash it altogether.

“The economy of the USA has in the past few years shown clear signs of tiredness which is not just due to the lack of competitiveness on the world markets but also due to the massive over indebtedness of the Americans. Consumption accounts for 65% of the brutto domestic product,” says Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten.

Trump’s plan to cut taxes will do little to stimulate consumption if Americans have to pay the extra money to banks for their credit card, mortgage and student debts because of higher interest rate.

In addition, tax cuts will create massive problems for government spending and solvency.

As a result, te Pentagon will face more budget cuts or it will have to take money from social and medicare programmes. This will increasing domestic social tensions in the medium term. In the long term, US economy and Pentagon will collapse altogether.

The bankers who know that economic collapse will come very fast if interest rates that profit only them are pushed up and QE is unwound are also the ones pushing the Global epidemic false flags. They know they have to have a plan in place to control hundreds of millions of people they will have impoverished by taking all their homes, businesses and income as interest rates for money printed out of thin air. The International Health Regulations are a global control grid  for the banksters to carry out depopulation through vaccines etc. once they have stolen all the loot.

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