FT says Madagascar Black Death outbreak may now be under control, gives hint Globalists may use bacteria more often in any future depopulation campaigns as George Soros gives 18 billion dollars to his foundation

The Financial Times today carried a propaganda piece conditioning us to accept outbreaks of the black death and other bacterial diseases as normal while hinting that the Madgascar outbreak may have already been contained or stopped by the Globalists.

Anjana Ahuja, a “science commentator”, completely ignores the multi billion private and government bioweapons programmes producing lethal bacteria and viruses in their labs as well as the mounting evidence the black plague outbreak on Madagascar was irregular.

Reading between the lines of her piece as part of the establishment’s mouthpiece, the eugenicist Globalists seem to be planning more false flags using bacteria. In that case, they would  need to persuade the public in advance that their deliberate release of black death are natural occurrences.

George Soros, linked to the Ebola false flag outbreak in 2014, which was based around a virus, vaccines and biosecurity measures, has just transferred 18 billion to his foundation. The transfer will save his sons death taxes and also ensure there is plenty of cash for future eugenicist programmes.

Even when he is long dead and in the chilling ambience of hell, Soros has organized, it seems, his affairs, to ensure his evil continues to have a real world impact on us.

Soros’ foundation is now second only to Bill Gate’s foundation, which plays a pivotal role in funding WHO and epidemic vaccine campaigns.

Anjana Ahuja in the FT starts her piece with a scary fact of history.

“The Black Death was little short of a bacterial apocalypse. The outbreak of bubonic plague, imported along the Silk Road, is thought to have killed between 25m and 50m people as it rampaged through 14th-century Europe. The disease thence resurfaced sporadically: the Great Plague of London, for example, felled a fifth of city dwellers in the 1660s.”

She tells us that we should consider a repetition of mass death through the plague as nothing more than a natural resurgence.

“While the plague seems to us a medieval affliction, it has never fully disappeared,” she warns.

“Now the World Health Organization has noted an unusually large outbreak of plague in Madagascar. One case has also been reported in the Seychelles. The threat is very likely to be contained but the resurgence of this historic pestilence demonstrates the fragile biological stand-off between human and bacterium.”

Yes, Anjana, the stand off is very fragile indeed, which is why have NOT had a black plague outbreak for 99.99% of human history in 99.99% of the globe’s locations.


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