The number of plague cases in Madagascar is on the decline, reports L Express Madagascar today.

The dramatic and sudden reversal could be due to a number of things.

First, it could be due to counter measures deployed on the island. These have, however not proven to be effective so far, so it is not clear why they have suddenly started reducing Black Death victims.

Second, it could be  ue to pressure from the Trump team, making it clear to eugenicist Globalists such as Alexis Tsipras, who met Donald Trump yesterday, as well as George Soros that the release of the Black Dealth is a red line too far.

Third,  the eugenicist Globalists may have come themselves to realize from their experiments so far on the East African island that they cannot maintain control of the Black Death and it could wipe them out too. They should have come to that recognition before.

At any rate, today’s report gives us hope that the plague can be quickly contained.

That said, the apparent release of the Black Death by the Globalists on the island of Madagascar is a red light, maximum alert warning to all humanity. It shows their intention remains the same, namely, to wipe out 7 billion people. This in parallel to the final take down of our economies.

Nothing less than decisive, bold and determined action is required without delay to defang the Globalists once and for all before they come up with a new scheme.

In return for cooperating, they could be offered a reward such as “safe passage” to one of their hi tech, bubble homes.

But if they refuse to cooperate, then the price must be equally high for them. It is unacceptable that a tiny clique of pyschopaths and sociopaths continue to pursue so aggressively an evil and mad plan of wiping out 99% of the world’s population while looting the planet year after year with no consequences.

They have been given de facto impunity until now by the FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey. They must also be held to account for their complicity.

Anyone speeding in a car gets a ticket and points. How can it be allowed for a clique to implement a global campaign to kill 7 billion people, exposed on the internet and in full view of the public, military and intelligence services, and get away with it time after time?

If they get away with launching the plague, then they will just be emboldened to do something even more dangerous.

The Pentagon Generals need to realize they have nothing left to lose. They must fight and beat the eugenicists Globalist or risk being wiped out by them. There is no fence to sit on, no seats to watch the arena from.

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