URGENT! Donald Trump will only be a winner if he takes on the private Fed Reserve and Wall Street, ending a rigged system will make him personally and all America prosperous again, time running out fast




Ivana Trump reveals in her new book that she and Donald Trump value “winners” above all else.


Trump needs to realize that the system of private creation of money means he will always end up a looser. He has nothing to gain by packing his cabinet with Goldman Sachs and Rothschild bankers. On the contrary, they will turn him into the world’s biggest looser.

As a business man, he will end up the victim of expropriation and fraud just like all th other people whose businesses are based on supplying products and services to the real world economy.

And as the president at a time when the US economy enters a debt death spiral due to the private banks and private Federal Reserve, he will end up as a political looser. The economy will crash, the stock market crash, unemployment will soar, the government will be forced into ever more austerity.

He will be double looser.

But by taking on the private banks and federal reserve, he can turn it all around and become a double winner.

Trump and his family will win as private business people where there is sovereign money.

Trump will win a second time as a politician bringing prosperity to the USA.

Because he will bring prosperity back across the board, he will be a winner across bipartisan lines. He will be a winner with th Pentagon and the intelligence community too.

A double, triple, quadruple winner.

He has nothing to lose by taking on the banksters Goldman Sachs and the private Federal Reserve, just everything to win.

Trump cannot win in a system that is rigged. Trying to win in our rigged system is like trying to escape the Titanic after it has hit an iceberg.

When the Titanic of  Trump ;s business empire made up of parts of the real world economy hits the ice berg of interest rates on the sea of money printed out of thin air, it will sink beneath the waves of solvency until its wreckage settles  on the reefs of bankruptcy where it will rust.

He may or may not be able to escape on a lifeboat of minimal money.

Not only does Trump face sure fire ruin as a private business man in this rigged system. All of the USA is now in the final death throes of a debt death spiral caused by the fractional reserve banking system.

Martin Wolf uses the image of a giant black hole at the heart of our economy in his article arguing that private banks have to be stripped of their power to create money and charge interest.


Concretely under the current rigged system, every time Trump or Kushner receive a loan of say a 100 million dollars from a bank, the banks do not give them a single cent of real world money or anything of real world value such as gold or silver or the labour or product or service equivalent. They create an entry on their accounting books, saying in effect “I have given Trump 100 million dollars.”

Trump may think someone like Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross were terribly generous to him to give him a loan. No, they gave him nothing and put out their hands with the iron demand for interest from him.

Banking is not a normal market activity, explains Martin Wolf.

Banks are able to operate like this through the system of double book keeping entry. This allows them to give what they do not have and still have their books “balance” or add up at the end.

Though they have given no money in the real world sense, the banks charge Trump and Kushner for the loan. This interest.

Say Trump gets a loan at 5% interest. That means, he has to pay back to Ross or Munuchin or another lender  out of his profits in the real world economy, 5 million real world dollars in return for recieving nothing of value.

Because Trump certainly did not know that the banks were giving him nothing in return for a claim on his assets, the bank loan is actually fraudulent.

US lawyer Jerome Daly managed to stop the foreclosure of his house in 1969 by using this argument. As part of due process, he compelled the bank manager who had given him the loan to testify. The bank manager had to admit he created the loan as a book keeping entry and gave Daley nothing of value.

The judge ruled that if the bank manager gave Daley nothing, he could not get his house in return for unpaid interest.

The same arguments are valid today.  Today, we have the internet to spread the information. We do not have to rely on the media owned by the banks who hide or deny all these facts.

Fraud vitiates all contracts.

Trump and Jared Kushner, if he had the guts and brain etc, could use them to stop their businesses going bankrupt and the whole of the US going bankrupt.

In 2017 we are the end of the bust cycle when the next step is over the abyss into total collapse, war or pandemics. The amount of money in circulation is in the meantime so huge, the interest costs of servicing it so gigantic in proportion to people’s real incomes, that the economy risks total collapse with every half point interest rate increase, let alone 3 or 4 % as the Federal Reserve under Janet Yellen is planning.

The Telegraph outlines a plan to end the boom and bust cycles caused by the private, fractional reserve system and restore real prosperity.


Top economists are backing a Swiss referendum next year to change the countries money supply from the private creation of money to money put in circulation by the government as a service to permit the exchange of goods with no hidden charge in the form of interest rates.


That is the way to go.

Now, Trump may have loans with banks or Russians, whatever, that compromise him.

He should cut a deal with them.

If they stand down and let him shift the supply of money to government issued money without interest, he will ask Jeff Sessions not to unleash a tidal wave of class action lawsuits and criminal cases for fraud against them personally and as organizations by accepting the validity of Jerome Daly’s arguments in the courts of the country.

Steve Mnuchin especially is facing claims of fraud from 30,000 plus families whose houses he foreclosed on.

If the Russian oligarchs stand down, and let him restore prosperity to the USA, he will eventually lift sanctions to Russia.

Trump needs to fill the Federal Reserve and Treasury with “Team patriot.”

Team patriot has to keep interest rates close to zero, shift lending flows to real world business, research, education facilities, cities, infrastructure projects, and the federal government to rebuild the economy and spend on defence etc.

Team patriot has to slap huge, crushing interest rates on the Big Banks and squeeze Wall Street till they go bankrupt.

Team Patriot has to cancel all debts to the banks, whether credit card, college, mortgages or business debts to free up income for consumption and savings.

Mortgages especially have to be cancelled by the private banks, not transferred to the government as debts as happened with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The value of houses, inflated artificially by fair value accounting practises of banks to allow them to offer the largest mortgages possible at the highest interest, have to be “objectified” and reduce to their historical norm. The proportion of income that goes on paying for housing, mortgages etc is far too high and is hurting the consumption in the real world economy.

Inflation needs to be carefully monitored to ensure these variables are adjusted so that enough goods and services are available through domestic production or imports to match increases in consumption.

Trump and his business empire is like a galaxy being sucked into a black hole of interest rates and bankruptcy by the gravitational force field of money which is created as a book keeping entry i.e. money that does not exist. 97 % of all the money in circulation is created in this way i.e. as a book keep entry but with interest charged on it.

It is a gigantic black hole of emptiness surrounded by a magnetic force field of compulsory interest rates. The sucking power of this iron ring of interest rates strips anyone who goes near the black hole of bank credit over time of all their money and finally real world assets.

Vienna Economics Professor Franz Hoermann explains how the system worked in an article in Der Standard in 2010.


 The banks invent money as part of the credit creation process. But if you create money out of the air and then pass it on to others while adding interest to something that did not exist before and also make physical assets the collateral, then that is in reality a model for expropriation if the social model goes wrong. This is also the reason for bank secrecy rules. Banks are not in a position to reveal where the interest for savings books, property saving contracts and such like comes from and so show that it is all a complex pyramid scheme or ponzi game in reality.

This hidden expansion of the money supply began with double entry book keeping. If you buy a thing or object using money, then the money actually changes ownership. The seller has the money and the buyer has the thing or object.  From that moment on, the thing or object can no longer be evaluated in money terms if you take a theoretical perspective. Nevertheless, we put these sums of money onto balance sheets.”

Hoermann, with whom I had a personal discussion about finance (who has a doctorate from the same Vienna uni as my father), seems to be a Globalist insider. That is why he omits the key role of the central banks in supplying liquidity to the private banks to keep the scam going. It is only because the Fed and ECB deliver large quantities of real world cash and coins, the only legal tender in our economies, to the private banks that they can keep up the scam of pretending to have plenty of cash when they have often only 3% in cash for the 97% they have lent.

The actual deposit reserve ratio of banks is often intransparent. Banks can, for example, buy their own shares or each others shares to artificially push up their own deposits etc and so give more credit to people like Trump.

Anyway, the point is Trump, and even Kushner, will be winners if they take on Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve.

The Pentagon, the Dems should get behind them in this tough fight.

The Pentagon will see its budget grow in real world terms consistently again.

By cutting off the trillions of money that the banksters through this rigged system, threats to national security will also be  decreased.

The lying mainstream media propped up by this money will likely soon collapse.

If Trump wants to win the mid terms in 2018, he must act immediately to get the legislation through.

The most urgent step is to fill the Fed with people who will stop the interest rate hikes and the termination of the quantative easing, QE, programme planned by Yellen, Gary Cohn and other banksters.

Debt cancellation will make Trump another huge winner personally and politically.

By winners, Ivana Trump means people who accumulate more money, power, acclaim in the material world, not people who accumulate knowledge, wisdom and virtue in the spiritual realm.

But Trump can be winner in that realm too by showing courage, boldness and determination against the Wall Street swamp, who are dangerous dirty trickster and cold blooded machines of looting, fraud and killing. By spearheading the fight against a foe shared by 99.99% of the US people, he will be a unifying American champion.


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