Schools in Madagascar will stay closed for another two weeks as cases of Black Death grow. According to the latest W.H.O. update 107 people have been killed by the Black Death and there are 1104 suspected cases.

When schools reopen on November 6th, all pupils will have to go into a special isolation room to ensure they are not incubating the plague.

Teachers and parents are to be trained in the protocols needed to manage suspected plague cases.  Each isolation room will be equipped with protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, as well as thermometers and water, which the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) has promised to provide.


Where is the Pentagon or the European Union? This is the time to fly in massive amounts of the supplies needed to fight the Black Plague with the help of trained personnel with biosecurity level 4 equipment to ensure no one gets infected. Any plane will have to be thoroughly disinfected and the team put in quarantine on their return to base.

Imagine the Black Plague spreads to Tanzania, South Africa and to Europe and the USA? This is the time for fast, effective action by the Pentagon and Euopean countries. They should send vast amounts of  disinfectants,  protective gear, isolation tents, rapid diagnostic kits, reagants, food, water etc without delay.

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