JF Kennedy has bequeathed the Trump team a powerful financial tool to restore prosperity to the USA

This blog has argued, and absolutely factually correctly from the economic point of view, that restoring the power to issue debt free money to the US government and people is the vital step that must be taken to restore long term prosperity to the USA and avert economic collapse.

It is to be hoped that Donald Trump and his team seize the opportunity to end the private status of the Federal Reserve and implement the Chicago Plan.


John F Kennedy’s Executive order 11110 is just one instrument Trump has at hand to generate large amounts of money, which could be used to stabilize the system as a reset of the financial system occurs, and for other reasons.

With this money, he could stabilize the stock market, property prices in some targeted segments, such as the high end luxury market, the banking system so that it continues to perform its function of giving customers access to their money etc.


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