Putin crony who says Tsipras and Putin alike makes money grab over Greek media. Banksters always target media for control also in USA

A crony of Vladimir Putin, helped to become one of the wealthiest men in the world by Putin’s control of the banking system, has bought large swathes of the Greek media.



Controlling the media is a strategic target of the banksters, especially in Greece in the throes of a death debt spiral, stripping the people of all their wealth, property, future.

The Washington Post is run by the scion of a private Federal Reserve banker who bought the Post in 1933 with, no doubt, highly favourable loans printed out of thin air from crony banks precisely to help control public opinion.


Greek Russian oligarch Ivan Savvidis, a former member of the Russian Parliament, closely linked to the president Vladimir Putin, has also praised Alexis Tsipras, saying he is like Putin.

That tells us all we need to know about Putin. Words like low intelligence and curnning pyschopath may come to some people’s mind when the name of eugenicist Globalist Alexis Tsipras is mentioned.

As for myself, when I think of my proven reader, Tsipras whom even the crooked Greek justice officials under his control, have, in the meantime, been forced to formally accuse as part of a murder investigation, words like Satanically evil looser come to mind.

Putin and Savvides new media are sure to be rolling out pro Tsipras propaganda, however, here in Greece.

“He has 19% of Mega Channel and in 2017 his Dimera Media company acquired the Pegasus Publications, which includes the newspapers of Ethnos and Imerisia.[13] On 11 August, he bought the E Channel (Greece) from businessman Philipos Vryonis and the market agreement was ratified on 21 August 2017,” says Wikipedia.

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