November 30, 2017



As I prepare to contact all the local groups of the FPO to ask them to put pressure on Karl Heinz Strache to help me with my case against George Soros in Greece, I went through my emails and found proof that Strache is puppet of the New World Order just as much as Sebastian Kurz and Alexis Tsipras.

When I sent a copy of my charges against Baxter to MPs in the Austrian parliament and others on 26th April 2009, the FPO’s shadow health secretary and Strache’s deputy  Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch Jenewein answered within a few hours and suggested a meeting.

Notice she spells my name correctly, thanks me for my detailed description concerning the “dubious events at Baxter”, mentions she has tabled questions in parliament about it, says she regrets she has not received an answer, and says she would be very pleased to meet to discuss the events.

BJ 2

We did meet, I think the next day. During our meeting, she told me that Karl Heinz Strache had pressured her not to ask questions about Baxter in parliament. The answers later revealed that a staggering 72 kilos of flu vaccine were involved and not a few grams as claimed at first, confirming Baxter’s malicious intention.

Belakowitsch Jenewein understood very well the seriousness of Baxter contaminating flu vaccine with the bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 facilities in Orth, which is why she tabled questions in parliament and wanted to discuss the events with me.

But after that meeting and the revelation cementing Baxter’s guilt and presumably after Strache criticised her, her tone changed as the email from June below shows. She denied, saying that Strache had pressured her not to ask the questions, although it would never have occurred to me that such a thing could have happened if she had not told me.

She misspells my surname deliberately. No Austrian spells Burgermeister, Burgermaster, and certainly not after meeting me literally on the doorstep of my home where the name is clear to see. She asks me not to send her my “completely false and substanseless facts.” That after herself tabling questions in parliament about the Baxter incident. She denies that I offered her proof that Baxter contaminated the flu vaccine with bird flu virus deliberately although the very existence of biosecurity level 3 regulations at the facility can only have been circumvented deliberately.

Lying, she says she “did not with one syllable mention that our faction leader (Strache) whose deputy, by the way, I am, said something to Baxter and my questions. I don’t know how you came on the idea but clearly you believe whatever you want. That is your right, your style of working is, however, not serious.”

Fact is that is what she told me. I had no motive to lie or invent it.

She finishes by denying that there is “any trace of evidence” that Baxter was anything but careless and asks me to spare her my “wild conspiracy theories” in future.


I am sure that it was her chief Strache who was behind this sudden attempt to discredit me. After he found out about our meeting, I  was no longer a person to exchange information with but a wild conspiracy theorist to Belakowitsch Jenewein.

It was pressure from Strache that made her, his direct subordinate as she herself says,  suddenly claim Baxter’s contamination of 72 kilos in biosecurity level 3 facilities like Fort Knox was just an accident. That even as the Vienna state prosecutor opened an investigation into Baxter on the basis of my charges.

After our meeting, Belakowitsch Jenewein and Strache in fact never touched the subject of Baxter and they never offered me any help in any way in warning the Austrian people about the swine flu vaccine, now proven to cause narcolepsy.

The FPO base has to consider whether Strache is secretly plotting with Sebastian Kurz when he meets him in private to pave the way for the depopulation of Austria as nearly happened in 2009 with the bird flu and swine flu vaccine campaign with Strache’s blessing.

Strache is not the only FPO eugenicist Globalist. Martin Graf is almost certainly another.

The fake patriot and Panos Kammenos of Greece, Strache has buried the theft of the Austrian presidential election by Alexander Van der Bellen. Of course, Kurz is so keen to set up a government with him. He knows that Strache has no intention of resisting the NWO or Soros’s plansThe government programme is meaningless if the people implementing it are undermining it in practise.



November 27, 2017

Still clinging to life, just about. Globalist Sebastian Kurz’s staff at the Athens embassy wrote a letter Friday refusing me help and urging me to seek protection from the very police in Larisa proven to have covered up the original murder attempt.

sweetie pie

Donald Trump used his political influence to get basket ball players caught shop lifting out of a prison sentence in China.  I am completely innocent, victim in closeby Greece.

Yet Kurz refuses to do his job and use his political influence to protect my life in extreme danger from Alexis Tsipras and George Soros, not to mention the clique of Trump’s Russian contacts around Jared Kushner.

I am now writing to FPO party and insist that they make protecting my life and rights in Austria a condition of the negotiations with Kurz. I ‘m also going to insist that OVP leaders pressure Kurz. He has no political mandate to break the law, refuse me help and expose me to almost certain death and soon, dear readers.

That said, it’s not game over yet as the legal department of the Austrian foreign ministry said I am entitled to help. Moreover, Athens embassy staff member Alexander Wojda wrote such a scandalous letter with the Foreign Ministry letterhead that he’s in deep trouble. I have rights under the Austrian constitution and under the EU constitution including the right to life.

Also, I am going to write to the court and insist they look at my case, especially as it contains crimes relevant to Austria, such as the evidence that Alexander Van der Bellen stole the presidential election.

It’s sign that the eugenicists are determined to push through their depopulation plan. The time has come to start arresting them or we are never going to get any peace.

More soon.



WHO reports plague death toll at 202, now 33 strains of bacteria circulating

November 27, 2017

Still no new plague figures from Madagascar’s  crisis control centre since November 16th, but the latest WHO report says the death toll from the plague has risen to 202. There have been 215 cases of unspecified plague.

Excerpts form the report…

From the 1 August through 22 November 2017, a total of 2348 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of plague, including 202 deaths (case fatality rate 8.6 %), were reported by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar to WHO.
There were 1791 cases of pneumonic plague, of which 22% were confirmed, 34% were probable, and 44% were suspected. In addition to pneumonic cases, there were reports of 341 cases of bubonic plague, one case of septicaemic plague and 215 cases with type unspecified.

From the 1 August through 22 November 2017, a total of 2348 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of plague, including 202 deaths (case fatality rate 8.6 %), were reported by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar to WHO. There were 1791 cases of pneumonic plague, of which 22% were confirmed, 34% were probable, and 44% were suspected. In addition to pneumonic cases, there were reports of 341 cases of bubonic plague, one case of septicaemic plague and 215 cases with type unspecified.


The Institut Pasteur Madagascar has cultured 33 isolates of Yersinia pestis, which were all sensitive to the antibiotics recommended by the National Program for the Control of Plague.

SARS respiratory disease could be worse than plague, warns expert

November 27, 2017

REVEALED: The deadly pandemic that would unleash catastrophe WORSE than Black Death plague
AN outbreak of the Black Death – also known as pneumonic plague – has caused chaos in recent months but a top expert has warned of another far more sinister disease.

By George Mills / Published 27th November 2017
Dr Derek Gatherer reveals how a deadly SARS virus was avoided

The latest figures show that more than 170 people have been killed by the medieval disease, with another 2,120 confirmed cases across the east African nation of Madagascar.
Doctors were reported to be among the infected as health officials battled to keep the infectious virus under control.

It had been feared that the disease could become untreatable if the virus mutates.

But the World Health Organisation appears to have suggested the worst of the crisis has passed after the number of infections plummeted in recent weeks.
It comes as a sigh of relief to many with fears that the disease which once killed a third of the population of medieval Europe could wreak havoc once again.

Now, speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, one virus expert suggested the outbreak is not the scariest in recent memory.

“In the time that I’ve been studying viruses, the one that was really quite scary for virologists was back in 2003 when we had SARS outbreak,” Dr Derek Gatherer said.

“SARS – Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome – broke out in Hong Kong and we were never really sure where it came from.

‘We MUST control this outbreak’ Plague expert says amid ‘FOURTH PANDEMIC’ warning

November 27, 2017

THE PLAGUE outbreak that has gripped Madagascar must be brought under control amid fears of a fourth pandemic, a top scientist has warned.

By Rachel O’Donoghue / Published 26th November 2017
Keith Barron stars in 1974 sitcom No Strings

Epidemiology expert Professor Allen Cheng said it is crucial to stop the spread amid claims the disease has reached “crisis point” with over five months to go until the end of plague season.
The medieval disease has swept through Madagascar, infecting thousands of people and killing hundreds in the worst outbreak of the Black Death in 50 years.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) described the outbreak as “uncharacteristic” and drastic measures have been put in place to stop it spreading.

This has included closing schools and sending supplies and medical officials to affected regions.
The plague death toll has risen to 143 in Madagascar. World Health Organization figures show the black death outbreak has now infected 1,947 people in the country off the east coast of Africa.

World Health Organization figures show the plague has killed at least 143 people Officers from Ministry of Health spread pesticide in a Antananarivo primary school Plague outbreak in MadagascarWorld Health Organization warn cases of plague could reach mainland Africa A Ministry of Health doctor and nurse staff a healthcare checkpoint at the Taxi-Brousse station, in the Ampasapito district of Antananarivo The plague outbreak has now infected 1,947 people in the country off the coast of Africa A man wearing a face mask works in Madagascar’s capital Antananrivo Council workers clear rubbish during the Anosibe market clean-up, in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo
Professor Cheng, who specialises in epidemiology and preventative medicine at Monash University, said current measures that have been introduced are needed for the “degree of risk”.

Rules including screening travellers and preparing countries for an outbreak have been out in place over fears the deadly disease could become a global pandemic.

Ron Klain, who led the response in the United States to the Ebola crisis, indicated a fourth pandemic could be on the way.

He said: “We still are not ready for the big one.

“We’re frankly not ready for a medium-sized one. The threat is still out there.”

And speaking to Daily Star Online, Professor Chen said: “It is important that we get this outbreak under control, and in the longer term to reduce plague cases in the country as much as possible.”

Doctor warns airborne Madagascar plague ‘can kill in three hours’

But the disease expert said the plague outbreak had exposed key weaknesses in how the world deals with epidemics, which could save millions of lives in the future.

He continued: “A lot has been learned with recent outbreaks – Ebola, Swine Flu, MERS. They do have a habit of exposing gaps in our response – Ebola clearly was out of control in West Africa and an international response was slow.

“The outbreak of MERS in South Korea demonstrated how important it is for countries even far away from the centre of the problem to be prepared, and Swine Flu showed us how we need to be flexible in our responses to respond to changing evidence about the severity of the disease.

“I think we’re better prepared than we were even a few years ago, but there are always gaps that can and should be closed, particularly in mobilising international resources.”

Recent outbreaks of Chloera, Yellow Fever and the Zika Virus have swept the globe. Here are some of the most recent epidemics.

“It is important that we get this outbreak under control”
Professor Cheng
His comments come as WHO warned “unusually severe” plague outbreak poses totally different risks today than when it killed 50 million people in the 14th century.

Dr Sylvie Briand, Director of WHO’s Infectious Hazard Management Department, said: “An outbreak of plague no longer unfolds in the manner portrayed by our history books.

“Plague is an old disease, but the challenges it poses today are contemporary and fundamentally different from what we had even 40 years ago.”

But despite the seriousness of the outbreak and how deadly it is, Dr Cheng said the world should be far more worried about other contagious diseases.

He added: “Because of the way that plague is transmitted, I wouldn’t be so concerned about this disease outside of the current hotspot, but more transmissible diseases such as flu are an ever-present risk.”

FBI kept secret Russian hacking of US official’s emails

November 27, 2017

From The Guardian

The FBI failed to notify scores of US officials that Russian hackers were trying to break into their personal Gmail accounts despite having evidence for at least a year, an investigation found.

The Associated Press dedicated two months and a small team of reporters to go through a hit list of targets of Fancy Bear, a Russian government-aligned cyberespionage group, that was provided by the cybersecurity firm Secureworks. Previous investigations based on the list had shown how Fancy Bear worked in close alignment with the Kremlin’s interests to steal tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic party.


November 24, 2017

RUSSIA is being accused of covering-up a nuclear disaster after 1,000-times normal level of radioactive levels were detected in the country.

Environmentalists are calling for an urgent probe after French officials said it may have been due to a major accident at a Russian nuclear facility.

The poisonous radiation has covered Europe in a gigantic cloud.