Ivanka Trump emerges as key figure in purge of Team Patriot. Acting on behalf of Kremlin oligarchs and Goldman Sachs to help loot and take down USA?

Ivanka Trump played a crucial role in the purge of the original line up of the Trump administration of competent patriots, it has emerged.



When Michael Flynn gate crashed a meeting after election day held by Chris Christie as transition chief to make appointments to key positions, Ivanka Trump offered Flynn any position he wanted, overwriting Christie and other members of Team Patriot in a de facto coup d etat.

Christie had “deep reservations” about Flynn, whom vetting had concluded “suffered from poor judgement and espoused far-out ideas on foreign policy.”

Flynn, helped by Russian asset Steve Bannon then immediately used his new positions to cancel tens, if not hundreds more key appointments, filling them with Globalist and Kremlin Oligarch assets or leaving them empty altogether.

The disastrous impact is apparent ten months after Trump assumed power also in the form of a lack of preparedness for the Black Death plague.

General John Kelly, favoured by Ivanka and Bannon, has not only failed miserably to redesign Homeland Security to detect and meet biothreats. He has also turned the job of Whie House chief of staff into the valet of the Goldman Sachs and Globalists helping them with their policy of looting the USA through tax reform and interest rate increases.

Meanwhile, Globalist Rex Tillerson has spent virtually the whole year redesigning the State Department to centralize power and cripple it. And Kelly does nothing.


The influence which Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin Oligarchs had over Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn and Michael Pence should be at the heart of the Russian probe. Did these Kremlin oligarchs instruct their assets to purge Team Patriot to take down the USA? That is a key question that needs to be addressed.

But special consel Robert Mueller, who covered up the Kremlin bribery network which enabled Russia to obtain one fifth of US uranium, is resolutely excluding the Russian connections in indictments. His so called Russia probe has turned into a farce as he focusses, as he did in the Uranium One scandal, almost exclusively on money laudering. The only explanation for Mueller’s approach can be that Mueller himself was bribed in 2010 and has been bribed again in 2017 by the same Kremlin oligarchs.

Mueller is even planning to leave out all of Flynn’s documented meetings with Putin and possible Russian spy in his indictment, according to media. Yet Flynn played a key role along with Javanka in the derailment of Trump’s agenda of making America economically strong and safe again, in line with the interests of the Kremlin and oligarchs from whom was receiving secret flows of money.

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