My emails to Russian TV re “Black Death” interview, and mirror selfie for the week ahead of testimony tomoz on attempt to arrest me for mentioning Trump team’s Russian contacts in Feb blog post

Moskau Emails 16-20

Moskau Emails 1 – 15

My emails with Russian TV editor Christina Fadeeva concerning my interview with a journalist, who also asked me about my view on the Black Death and whether it would be unleashed, last summer in Larisa are above.

It was difficult to insert emails as per usual, seem to be hacked again?, had to leave them on top where they kept going.

The emails prove beyond a doubt I am not a Russian agent. Yes, I still haven’t been paid inspite of writing directly to Putin to complain!

The emails also prove I am much grumpier than I look as per my mirror selfie for today, especially when countless attempts are made to murder, arrest etc me.

sweetie pie

With the black death plague unleashed, this is a superdangerous time for all of humanity, so now we are sitting in the same boat so to speak.

The Globalists are firing on all cylinders to turn the entire planet into one gigantic concentration camp run by medical menaces seeking to do a Josef Mengele.

Madagascar police chief Angelo Christian Ravelonarivo has revealed that a vaccine team went to schools and gave an unauthorized plague vaccine apparently without the knowledge or permission of the government, triggering riots.

Inserting such teams could be the model for spreading the Black Death around the world. That, and giving vaccines to patients as part of new “test bed” programmes. If they succeed in unleashing a strain resistant to antibiotics, billions of people could be wiped out in a few years by the superdangerous pneumonic plague if not sooner.

So far, the plague has been contained within Madagascar. But it has spread to 73% of the regions, and the rainy season is starting when more plague cases occur.

Meanwhile, the same actors behind the swine flu false flag and the Ebola false flag plus new actors are emerging and acting virtually unchecked.

Tomorrow I have to go to Larisa court to testify on the attempt to have me arrested for mentioning the Russian contacts of Donald Trump etc. Back in February, I did not realize just how many ties there are between the Kremlin oligarchs and Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Mike Flynn and Mike Pence. That makes this group the prime suspects in my view. They had the motive, means (Reince Priebus, Geoffrey Pyatt, Alexis Tsipras, Simos Samaras) and opportunity.

In fact, it hardly seems possible that Donald Trump himself is not a eugenicist Globalist albeit belonging to the British Freemason and Kremlin Oligarch faction at war with the US Freemason faction, given the trainwreck of his presidency.

Anyway I will hand in the emails which I already sent to the Austrian government to get help in my case.

The head of the legal department in the Austrian FoMin did assure me I would get help in a phone call yesterday. The ambassador at Athens embassy Andrea Ikic Bohm and the new Consul Christoph Reitinger have so far not given me any, which speaks volumes about Sebastian Kurz.

Luckily, Team Patriot Austria is show determination to capture key positions and Finance Minister Hans Jorg Schelling could even become the new head of the Eurogroup.

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