World Bank fails to give Madagascar money to fight the plague

The World Bank’s promised contribution of 5 million dollars to fight the plague has not materialized, leaving Madagascar 4 million dollars under budget to fight the plague in the next three months, says the latest WHO update.

The joint response plan between the Government of Madagascar and its partners has been adjusted
to US$ 9.5 million, to reflect the multisectoral and multidisciplinary response to the urban plague
Financial contributions from partners include: WHO US$ 1.5 million, UNICEF US$ 500 000, the
International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) US$ 250 000, UNDP US$ 200 000, and UNFPA
US$ 331 000.
The US Government provided US$ 1 million through USAID to support response efforts of partners
in Madagascar, including USAID Mikolo, Mahefa Miaraka and Institut Pasteur Madagascar; and
in-kind contributions of personal protective equipment (PPE). ECHO has provided US$ 300 000 to
support IFRC and UNICEF response activities. Switzerland supported the response through a CHF
200 000 contribution to Action Contre la Faim (ACF).
In addition, donors and partners have provided in-kind assistance bilaterally: China has provided
medicines worth US$ 200 000. France provided 255 000 pairs of gloves. Morocco sent medical aid
in form of 34 tons of medicines, medical material and protection equipment. Japan provided masks,
blankets and thermometers. Support from the private sector has been increasing, amounting to a
financial contribution of US$ 16 000 and in-kind contributions, including storage facilities.
Notwithstanding the financial support and contributions from partners, WHO urgently requires an
additional US$ 4 million to sustain response operations in the next 3 months of the plague outbreak
in Madagascar. The funding is needed to interrupt ongoing transmission, provide care for those
affected by the disease, reduce the risk of international spread, and provide effective coordination
and operations support. To date, WHO has provided US$ 1.5 million from its Contingency Emergency
Funds (CFE) for the immediate outbreak response activities and has received US$ 1.23 million from
Norway and US$ 117 000 (EUR 100 000) from Italy.

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