Globalist fixer Kristjen Nielsen about to be appointed head of homeland security as plague threatens. The end of the USA?

Kristjen Nielsen, a Washington swamp creature, who was made the handler of John Kelly at the DHS and White House and who pushes the Goldman Sachs and Globalist policy agenda, has been named the next head of homeland security.

Given her record, it is legitimate to fear that she will push the Globalist depopulation and plague agenda as head of the DHS too.

The backstory of how Nielsen was forced onto Kelly is in Axios.

In a clever sleight of hand, the Globalists removed Kelly from the DHS to fill the position with one of their own at a critical time for US security.

At the White House, Nielsen is broadly in charge of policy which explains why there is no change from the Clinton, Obama and Bush administration and why Goldman Sachs runs everything for Wall Street. Kelly is just window dressing for the Trump base who seems to have no impact on Trump’s agenda. The Trump admin is definitely pushing the agenda of eugenicist Globalist British freemasons and their Kremlin oligarch cronies and we have to assume that Trump is their fixer.

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