May God give us common sense

Let’s us pray that we always are conscious of the awesome power, of the awesome goodness of God, of the awesome treasure which is His presence and Spirit, and never become puffed up, arrogant, foolish little Globalists like George Soros, cut off from light, life and truth. Soros actually said he thought he was god, the creator of everything.

BASIL THE GREAT: Strength of arm, swiftness of foot and comeliness of body—the spoils of sickness and the plunder of time—also awaken pride in man, unaware as he is that “All flesh is grass and all the glory of man as the flower of the field. The grass is withered and the flower is fallen.”14 Such was the arrogance of the giants because of their strength.15 Such also was the God-defying pride of the witless Goliath.16 HOMILY 20, OF HUMILITY.17


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