Why should the Austrians trust Strache who was silent about the swine flu vaccine dangers as well? Strache has consistently supported the eugenicist Globalists over the people

alexaProof my information about the swine flu vaccine went all around the world at top speed is that the world ranking of my then website, the flucase, reached 11677 on November 2nd 2009, within about three months of going online.

It went even higher later breaking into the top 10,000. I am not saying this to brag but to underline how I was forced to take this action alone because Heinz Christian Strache and Dr Dagmar Belakowitsch Jenewein refused to warn the Austrian people about the swine flu vaccine dangers, unlike the Polish Health Minister Eva Kopacz, who refused the vaccine altogether.

Do the Austrians really want to trust someone like Strache, who crushed the Baxter investigation and was silent over the swine flu vaccine dangers, with selecting personel for the new government along with Globalist and Soros fixer Sebastian Kurz?

The flu case website was taken offline in 2010 by then webmaster Johann Niklasson, who in retrospect worked for the NWO and only offered his help to position himself to sabotage the website and my work, which he did do. However, the website served its purpose. It played a crucial role in persuading people not to take the dangerous jab, now proven to cause narcolepsy. In fact, only 3% of the Austrians took the vaccine.

At that time, people in Vienna and all Austria would stop me in the street or when I went into a pharmacy to thank me. The vitriol directed to me by the mainstream media and in the internet from  the fake websites and fake bots was orchestrated by the NWO. It did not come from the ordinary people, who appreciated my fact based warning.

At that time, I did not realize the extent of the dirty tricks tool kit of the Globalists or how they infiltrate groups and micromanage every aspect of trying to destroy anyone who successfully resists them.

Believe me, dear readers, I have seen the numbers of visitors on this blog be reduced before my eyes manually. Extraordinarily lengths are apparently used to keep it low on the ranking. But this blog is still one of the top reads of George Soros because he knows how many people visit by blog, which has proved to be accurate time and time over as in warning about the swine flu vaccine dangers in 2009.



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