Hacked by Globalists on behalf of Sebastian Kurz. My post suddenly shows multiple links to same facebook post

I have been blocked from posting  a link to Sebastian Kurz’s Facebook site. Whenever I write I have been blocked, the link suddenly appears several times over as if to make me seem paranoid…

Hideous kinky has posted a video of himself before an appearance on RTL. Or is it Sebastian Kurz? I wrote at 17 14 hours


You can see there is only one link in the screenshot below taken at 17 14 hours



But the live post showed several links at 17 14 hours.  The four links should be visible on my blog post and I should be able to delete them, but I cannot because as you can see above they are not visible to me.

That aside, the facebook video does show a curious side to Kurz. Does he not look Satanically evil? My impression perhaps but I think he looks like Dracula.

Anyway, the bizarre post underlines what I said earlier, namely that I am hacked by the Globalists and their intention is to insinuate I am not a credible source of  info. Yes, I am supposed to be such a fool I don’t even notice I have posted several links to the same blog post.

But after I documented the incident on my blog, I was able to delete the four extra facebook links, suggesting some kind of Team Patriot is watching over my blog, aware of the hacking. I warn you, readers of this blog, you should assume I am alive when blog posts appear on this site, okay?

kurz 2










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