Was Jorg Haider killed by the eugenicist Globalists? A personal encounter in 2009 makes me think he might have been


While this blog is on subject of Baxter, and the FPO leader Strache, I’d like to share a curious conversation I had in July 2009, which made me wonder if the eugenicists Globalists killed Jorg Haider because he was not “obedient” enough.

I contributed to a report for The Guardian about Haider’s fall from grace in 2002.


Strache took over the FPO after Haider was almost certainly murdered in October 2008 in a staged car crash, and his own new party faded.


It was soon pretty clear the official narrative about Haider’s car crash did not add up.


Anyway, in July 2009 after I filed the Baxter charges, a pair contacted me under the pretext of an interview for their new internet  TV site. One of them told me he was an emergency responders at the scene of Haider’s car crash, arrived in an ambulance.

That struck me as very strange. By then everyone knew Haider had been murdered.


Afterwards, one of the pair Thomas Pfeifer, tried to claim the copywrite on my Baxter charges to stop them from being spread, that is, was pushing the eugenicist Globalist agenda.

Indeed, that pair became the model for my short story about the emergency responders who murder an Interior Minister in an ambulance called The children’s Network, which I have posted up on this blog. Amazingly this fictional version holds pretty strictly to the known facts.

Point is, there could be a connection between Haider’s murder and the depopulation plans of the eugenicist Globalist. One of same individuals at the murder scene of Haider was at my doorstep over the Baxter charges within less than  a year. What are the chances of that?

Another person with contacts to a top level Globalist industrialist told me that Haider was murdered because he was considered to be too soft. I am pretty sure Haider would have protested the Baxter incident. Maybe that was one reason the Globalists decided to get rid of him just weeks before the Baxter contamination incident actually took place and to replace him with their doormat Strache? Just a thought, connecting a few dots anyway there might be a clue here.

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