Robert Mueller has now inadvertently proven that he was bribed by the Russians over Uranium One and probably sent secret emails to Hillary about it, time to fire him and investigate him

“Has special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation been contaminated? This very good question was asked by the very credible Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard. In my view, the simple answer is: yes,” writes the Washington Post as calls grow for Robert Mueller to be fired for his politically motivated handling of the Russia probe.

I think we can now say for sure that Robert Mueller was bribed by the Kremlin oligarchs to cover up the Uranium One deal because he is leaving them out of the so called Russian investigation altogether. There has to be a personal motive. Bribery is the one most likely given his record in the Uranium One deal.

Moreover, we can now assume that some of the 33,000 emails on her secret server which Hillary Clinton bleached may have been communications to Mueller on how to handle the Uranium One probe given the way she chose him to personally hand over uranium to Russia on airport tarmac. That is likely one reason why the FBI uner Mueller’s chum James Comey did not want to investigate them.

Now this brazen fool Mueller actually thinks he can impeach Trump merely for obstruction of justice in the Russia probe and get away with all his own crimes in those very same Russia mafia network affairs.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are blocking a probe into Uranium One and the Clinton emails, showing their motive is also purely political.

The time has come to fire Mueller and Rod Rosenstein for the brazen, abuse of the justice system to target a political opponent,  Trump, who is calling for an investigation into Mueller’s own potential crimes. I did not think that Mueller would be such a fool as to dare turn the Russian probe into nothing more than an obstruction of justice charge against Trump, leaving out Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn’s role.

It must be clear as crystal to him that you cannot obstruct an investigation if there is no investigation in the first place. No one standing in front of a police man can be accused of obstruction of justice unless the police man is trying to fire at an armed robber. If there is no crime being investigated, there can be no obstruction of justice. It becomes an empty, technical term to take down Trump.

An investigation into Mueller should include this very act as well as his cover up of Uranium One and the Clinton emails. Lock him up!

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