Was the explosion at an Austrian gas hub an accident?

An explosion at Austria’s main gas pipeline hub last Tuesday blocked Russian gas from entering into Europe, plunging Italy into crisis and pushing up the price of gas.


“The Baumgarten explosion basically obstructs the main entry point for Russian gas, which makes up a third of the Europes’s overall supplies.”


It is not yet clear if the explosion was caused  by a technical defect or deliberate sabotage, and it may never be clear since it looks like the sheer damage done by the blast may have destroyed evidence of tampering.

The NWO  Globalist seem to be at war over pipelines and the lucrative supply of gas to Europe, and the Baumgarten explosion could be a part of that war.

The faction around the Kremlin oligarchs, Vladimir Putin and Rex Tillerson appear to favour a new  pipeline for Russian gas through southern and central Europe, which has been blocked until now by the George Soros, Clinton faction.


There is evidence that the CIA planned in 2009 to assassinate then Greek Prime Minister because he supported this South Stream gas pipeline to deliver Russian oil and gas to Southern and Central Europe.

“A Russian documentary claims that the CIA had plotted to assassinate Greece’s conservative former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis in 2009 over opening relations to Russia as well as geo-political and energy plans in the area.

The documentary was broadcast on main Russian TV news show Vesti a week ago.

According to the documentary, back in 2009 Russia’s intelligence service FSB had intercepted a conversation between agents of the US Central Intelligence Service.  The agents talked about removing then Prime Minister Karamanlis form office and even kill him if necessary.

The documentary suggests that the motives behind the plot was Karamanlis’ support to Russia and in particularly the Southern Stream Gas Pipeline as well as Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline.

The documentary claims further that the plot involved the participation of at least seven terrorist groups and the orchestration of street violence by infiltrating political parties.

The plan against the conservative Costas Karamanlis, leader of New Democracy back then, had the code name Pythia-1


From The Guardian

Snow-hit southern Europe could face energy shortages after authorities warned that Austrian pipelines were likely to be out of action for days following an explosion and fire that ripped through a main gas hub near Vienna.

Baumgarten, where the explosion occurred, is a key distribution and reception hub for gas exports and imports, including from Russia, Europe’s biggest gas supplier. In Italy, where rain, snow and extreme cold weather have disrupted traffic in the north-east over the last few days, the country’s industry minister declared a state of emergency due to a lack of gas supplies.

One person was killed and 18 injured in the blast on Tuesday. One of the casualties was airlifted to Vienna’s general hospital with serious injuries but was later confirmed to be in a non-critical condition.

A police spokesman said: “There was an explosion around 8.45am and a fire. A wide area has been sealed off and there are expected to be several injured.”

In Britain, Europe’s biggest gas market, gas for immediate delivery rose 35% to 92p per therm, its highest level for four years.

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