Chinese style AI censorship system now sweeping vaccine reports?

A Swedish reader who noticed that my link to a report about vaccinated people getting measles had been broken almost immediately after I posted it, thinks a new AI censorship system might be at work.

Links on other blogs seem to be working.

I am delighted, honoured, NWO to have been selected for blacklisting! It proves how much you fear this humble, little blog in spite of your hundreds of billions of dollars.

Bjorn’s email…

Yes Jane, they did!

I have noticed this “mischief” before regarding other “404” censored articles/links on internet from chemtrailsplanet dot net where the PTB seem to have intentionally omitted some letters in a link, so I consequently informed Harold about it.                

Maybe he can explain to you how they do it? As a mere layman when it comes to computer technique I believe that some sinister AI is now introduced to check & censor articles on internet written by “blacklisted” (but very “bright” 😉 truth tellers like you Jane!


Such an AI censorship system seems to be already up and running in China and with the support of Google and Apple CEOs.

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