Trump to attend “McMafia” summit at Davos. Is our globe now in the grip of organized crime?

As Donald Trump prepares to attend the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, its founder Klaus Schwab has said people feel helpless in the face of technological developments and the world needs agile governance and smarter globalization.

In my view, the world needs a return to law and order. The way Billionaires like George Soros, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey (The Good Club alone had 125 billion dollars in 2009 and probably have far more today) have used their money and power to repeatedly try to out 7 billion people through epidemic false flags and vaccines shows we are in an era of organized crime. Governments have ceased to perform their most rudimentary functions. Law and order has broken down. Politicians pledge their allegiance first and foremost to their mafia handlers.

“The McMafia culture is now visible at the very highest instances of state now, whether you’re looking at the Kremlin or the White House,” said Misha Glenny.

McMafia is the name of a BBC TV series which is all too true to life.

The protagonist Alex Godman is a former Goldman Sachs banker who moves money earned from black market sales of drugs, people trafficking or fake products into tax havens using anonymously owned companies.

It is these gigantic sums of money made from black market sales of drugs, guns, oil, uranium, slaves, child trafficking which is the source of the tax free income which funds the Globalists, international oligarchs, Deep State, Black Nobility, call it what you will, along with the off the radar transfers of vast sums of money by the private central banks like the Federal Reserve.

This is the money that funds depopulation plans, the fake media, corrupts politicians and is turning our world into a nightmare.

“In 2016, the Guardian and media partners published the Panama Papers, based on records from the offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca. Mossack specialised in setting up opaque shell companies. As Bastian Obermayer, the German reporter who got the leaked data, put it, its clients were frequently “scumbags”. We found drug dealers who might have sprung from McMafia. And arms smugglers, oligarchs, defence contractors, gambling fraudsters and kleptocrats. Plus politicians, sports stars and prime ministers. Vladimir Putin’s old friend – a St Petersburg cellist called Sergei Roldugin – was linked to the flow of billions of dollars from offshore accounts. The cash went from Russia, to Panama, the British Virgin Islands, and back to Russia again.”

If humanity wants to have any chance of surviving, we need to crack down on the McMafia culture, exemplified by the likes of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, misusing their positions to hijack Trump’s agenda to try to maximize their personal profit.

Media report Javanka are already in Davos, where the global McMafia gather to cut deals with each other, posing before each other (the fifth rate seeking the admiration and money of other fifth rate McMafia mobsters) happily ignoring the fact that their one sided greed is destroying the planet and everyone in it.

The good news, dear readers of this blog, is that if there is a Baxter 2.0 in 2018 or after, it will wipe out Javanka and the rest of the McMafia such as George Soros, Alexis Tsipras, Putin, Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos as well.

God has other plans for them than a life of unaccountabile crime, robbery, murder, child and sex trafficking, drugs and destruction.

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