US House Armed Services Committee tries to prise from James Mattis whether he has made the military more ready or is just concealing all his deficiencies with secrecy

While India’s Army Chief has highlighted growing threat of biological, chemical warfare from terrorists and organized crime groups, James Mattis continues to follow policy of head in the sand, emboldening US enemies, who are not as stupid as Mattis is or he thinks.  You cannot hide huge deficiencies in your defence system from enemies.

It is good to see Congress asking Mattis what the hell he is doing. I don’t think anyone believes that  Mattis is effectively patching up biological defences in the background. If he were doing that, he would be out in the open. The secrecy is to hide that nothing much has been done to address the deficits.

The reports on this blog are there for all the world to see. Anyone can flick back to 2014 and read how US troops were sent to West Africa to tackle Ebola without rudimentary protections or a quarantine policy. These were all introduced after the Pentagon had to come to my blog.

Also, everyone can see what extreme danger I am as James Mattis and the Pentagon ignore biological warfare and asymmetric forms of it. If they did take it seriously, they would have to take the information component seriously.

From Newsmax

The GOP chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is in a “back-and-forth” with Defense Secretary James Mattis over how much should be made public about problems the military faces, reported.

“The concern that I tend to focus on is how do we fix our problems. And there’s a natural tension about how much you can say publicly.”

The memo sent by Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis passed along Mattis’ warning to avoid “telegraphing readiness shortfalls” to adversaries, explaining doing so “invites miscalculation,” the outlet reported.

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