Trump stands up to John Kelly, one of the triumvirate of Marine Generals serving Goldman Sachs, the Kremlin and Globalists, and subverting his agenda

Donald Trump has finally slapped down Globalist crony John Kelly for trying to usurp his policy decisions concerning the Mexican wall.

Kelly along with James Mattis and Joseph Dunford forms the triumvirate of Marine generals from the 1st Division who have turned out to be agents of the Globalists. The fine details their operational plans for war in Korea, specifically tunnel warfare, cannot be explained unless you assume they want the US to lose and lose spectacularly.  The Kremlin could have drawn up these plans.

Kelly also played a key role, it seems, in sabotaging the compromise over Dreamers which would have prevented a government shut down.

Trump needs to fire Mattis, Dunford, Kelly and his crony Kirstjen Nielsen.

From The Telegraph

Donald Trump has publicly contradicted his own chief of staff over the Mexican border wall as tensions frayed ahead of an impending government shutdown.

The US president disputed John Kelly’s claims that his views on the barrier had “evolved” and that he was not “fully informed” during the election campaign.

Mr Kelly’s comments, made behind closed doors but confirmed in a Fox News interview, came as Republicans attempted to broker a deal to keep the government funded.

Democrats want protections for “dreamer” migrants who came to America illegally while children, but Republicans want money for border security including the wall.

The deadline is midnight on Friday. Failure to agree a deal will trigger a government shutdown, meaning staff at non-essential government programmes cannot work.

The stand-off has escalated splits within the Republican Party and seen Mr Trump criticised for refusing to make his stance on key immigration issues clear.

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