With reports that witnesses to Hillary Clinton and Obama’s collusion with Russia in the Uranium One deal have been Arkancided in a plane crash close to Moscow,  I must say I am glad I do have faith. My mirror selfie for another week, a bit of a cold.


I am not perfect but at least, I don’t have the crimes of a Hillary, a Theodekti or a James Comey weighing on my conscience.

Nothing but faith in God and Jesus Christ could have moved me to do this blog for ten years, no amount of money, no medals or awards. 

Meanwhile, James Comey’s publisher is moving up the release date of his memoir A Higher Loyalt from May 1 to April 17.


Comey’s latest picture of a wintry Potomac gives a good insight into what happens to a soul which has cut itself off from God and life, goodness, and just smears the victims of their crimes. Expect more of the same in his “memoir.”


By the rivers of the Potomoc
he looked,
irritated by memories,
at waves,
a continuous flow,
broken up by,
a dead weight,
a branch, pushed on to rocks by
a cold mass, phantasies,
barren, on the bank,
trees are bare,
the present is what the past was,
what the future will be.

He wonders if the Lord still cares
for FBI directors
who have joined the priest class,
preaching to the world about a higher loyalty,
for two million dollars,
reminiscing about his crimes,
no rest, just downhill on a stony path,
to Hades, he dare not stop.

Somewhere, there is the reverse,
movement inside colour.



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