Terror threats against four Brexit MPs and Vanessa Trump. George Soros?

Police are investigating after four MPs including Commons leader Andrea Leadsom received death threats over their views on Brexit. Staunch Brexiteer Ms Leadsom condemned the message as “despicable” and described its anonymous sender as a “coward”.


Meanwhile, in another despicable and cowardly act in New York, the wife of Donald Trump’s eldest son was taken to hospital after opening a letter containing “white powder.”


My own case shows that George Soros, who opposes both Brexit and Trump, will resort to murder attempts to silence someone who he thinks stands in his way.

I am not saying Soros or his surrogates were behind the Brexit MP or Vanessa Trump threats. To find out who is behind it requires a police investigation. But I think they should be prime suspects given the obvious motive as well as all the evidence of violent actions against his perceived opponents here in Greece anyway.

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