Tsipras gets another lawsuit, this time for conspiring to smear former PM through fake testimonies about Novartis bribes, is strange accused are A to Z of Tsipras’ political rivals

Former conservative prime minister Antonis Samaras has accused Alexis Tsipras of trying to smear him along with other opposition politicians with fake witnesses in the Novartis bribery scandal.

He said Tsipras was ” responsible for the horrible conspiracy that is being put together. It has been so badly designed that it is falling apart on its own.”

Sounds very much like my own case. That also involves the most badly designed conspiracy to cover up the original murder attempt that anyone could ever conceive of. That too was clearly orchestrated by Tsipras and involves top police chiefs, the Supreme Court president, prosecutors…Yet the idea behind it was so stupid, that that horrible conspiracy too is falling apart, and so spectacularly that half the Larisa police and army know about it, in the meantime.

It is suspect that Dimitri Avramopoulos ordered 2 swine flu shots for every Greek person in 2009 when the Polish health minister and doctor Ewa Kopacz refused the vaccines because of safety concerns.


However, it stretches the imagination to believe that almost all of Tsipras’ main rivals were implicated, including the central bank chief. That does seem too convenient.

Even as Tsipras has ordered a parliamentary probe, media report prosecutors can’t find any evidence that 10 politicians were paid 50 million euros in bribes to help Novartis fix prices and get vaccine contracts. The only evidence is the secret testimony of three witnesses who can’t back up what they’re alleging and whose stories keep changing.



Antonis Samaras is filing a lawsuit against Tsipras, accusing him of being behind a plot to tarnish opposition politicians by implicating them in the Novartis bribery claims.

Samaras said he is also taking a stand because of the dangerous precedent set by the use of protected witnesses.

“In the future, every new government will be able to use coached informants to do away with its political opponents,” he said, an approach used by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.



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