Brexit academics, subjected to terror tactics of “1984” style thought police, stand up for information, freedom and democracy. But is a Mr Charrington among them?

A report in the Daily Mail reveals the intimidation fear and smear campaigns that academics who support Brexit have to endure, and it is not far from George Orwell’s 1984.

About 40 of them have now set up their own website, which should allow for more information about a Brexit than is currently permitted by the mainstream media to enter the public arena.

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Most likely Big Brother has already infiltrated Brexit Briefings using tactics well known to George Orwell when he wrote 1984 and still used today. A Mr Charrington is almost certainly among them, ingratiating themselves at first while preparing the usual dirty tricks campaign to demoralize and divide and rule.

How to cope with these tactics? Stay focussed on producing accurate, factual information. Ignore any personal views, opinions, pseudo conflicts, fake warnings about what is acceptable to the public or not whether they come as bots or from academic higher ups.

My experience is the Mr Charringtons will aim to take over the website and donations and push out every genuine person. They will try and plant flakey stories deliberately to discredit the entire website or insinuate racist attitudes.

The biases in the UK mainstream media, the rhetoric used by the Remain campaign, heavily financed by George Soros, have deliberately created an atmosphere of terror against anyone with pro Brexit views. The media and Remain camp repeat endlessly the mantra that Brexit equals racism. In fact, Brexit equals freedom, democracy and the rule of law in opposition to a corrupt EU superstate, propped up by a establishment mainstream media.

Here in Greece, it is already 1984 in as far as it is the state, the government of Alexis Tsipras meting out a politicized and corrupt justice, which has tried and is still trying to turn me into Otto Warmbier for daring to expose crimes. Recall EC President Jean Claude Juncker wrote me a letter about my case offering support in 2015 already, but the crimes just go on regardless, implicitly sanctioned by the EC President.

My case should be a warning to the pro Brexit group. There is something to be more afraid of than forces of social pressure, manipulated by billionaires and mega corpoations. That is a life in a totalitarian state like Winston Smith in 1984.


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