My mirror selfie of the week as new FBI director continues pattern of enabling crimes known to the bureau through inaction

mirror selfie

Florida Governor Rick Scott rightly called for the FBI director Christopher Wray to resign because of the agency’s failure to investigate a tip last month that the Florida school shooter had a “desire to kill” and access to guns and could be plotting an attack.

Wray follows in the same path as FBI director James Comey, who failed to investiate an open Source “tip” from Buzzfeed in 2014 that there a Russian troll form was operating in the USA.

He also failed to investigate my Open Source tips that Barack Obama and George Soros and others tried to launch an Ebola false flag in 2014 to depopulate the USA.

This is the same Comey who has now been caught hiding a scret meeting with Obama just before Trump’s inauguration to discuss a Russian collusion narrative and likely how to go about the politicisation of investigation.

Imagine in how much danger the Buzzfeed reporters would have been in 2014 if they had been reporting on George Soros and Obama’s role Ebola false flag as the only source while Obama told Comey to stand down on murder attempts against me.

Fact is, the FBI, CIA and Pentagon are not doing their job. In as far as reporters like me try to do their job and warn the public, they face being killed in cold blood in front of the eyes of the world with the collusion of the FBI, CIA and Pentagon chiefs.


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