James Mattis and his circle of eugenicist Globalists

March 30, 2018

Henry Kissinger, who pushed a radical plan in 1974 to reduce Africa’s population, and the Clintons are linked to a corporate fraud implicating Pentagon Chief James Mattis.


A memo by Kissinger emphasized that for the reduced native populations of the targeted countries there will be, “lowered demands on food, health, and educational and other services,” hence resources –no longer wasted on feeding, educating, and healing their own people –can be allocated to enlarging “capacity to contribute to productive investments [presumably foreign investments], thus accelerating development.”


Mattis was also the best ally in Washington DC of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon, which invested in oil in Liberia shortly before an orchestrated Ebola outbreak.

Exxon bought oil rights in Liberia in 2013 from corrupt politicians.

Meanwhile, another eugenicist Globalist George Soros appears to have captured Guinea’s mining industry with the help of the Clintons and Tony Blair.

Mattis has now been caught plotting with the Globalists and their Chinese proxies to stand down all US defences in secret as the threat of North Korea grows.

Since the New Year, it has emerged that Mattis has no plan for a missile strike, no viable plan for a groundwar, and did everything to stop a nuclear strike, leaving the USA with zero options except defeat.

In a sinister twist, con artist Mattis pretended to have options to lull Trump and lawmakers and other generals into a false sense of security.

It is not for this blog to speculate on what turned Mattis from a “legendary” general into a “hired” shepherd, who abandons the USA as soon as the Globalists appear with bribes or blackmail. It could be Mattis never was anything other than a hireling and opportunist even as Marine general. At any rate, Mattis, can no doubt rationalize to himself his corruption, likely, by puffing himself up to be the great “I am” in comparison to which everyone else is a  mere fool and looser, the USA is populated by decadent fools and losers and can’t win against the Globalists and China etc

Unfortunately, the ongoing Fat Leonard investigation has revealed a staggering level of corruption in the US Navy among commanders like Mattis.


Excerprts from the media

Under the leadership of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, oil giant Exxon Mobil signed a $120 million deal for an oil block in Liberia that company officials knew was rife with corruption, according to a new investigation by the transparency organization Global Witness.

The deal between Exxon and Liberian company Broadway Consolidated/Peppercoast (BCP) was signed in 2013 despite Exxon’s concerns that the deal could violate U.S. anti-corruption laws. The investigation by Global Witness showed that Exxon executives were aware that the oil block they purchased was partly owned by former politicians who had taken ownership of the block through illegal means.


Meanwhile, Soros involvement in another Ebola affected country Guinea has been exposed by a lawsuit in which Soros is accused of conspiring to strip another investor of mining rights.

Soros even “appears to have informally represented the Conde regime at a meeting in London that year with a Brazilian mining firm which had interests in the African country.”

Soros also employed Tony Blair to further his agenda in Guinea.

“On another occasion, Blair personally contacted Hillary Clinton, who was then U.S. Secretary of State, asking for help persuading the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to speed up moves to relieve Guinea’s national debt.

‘My charity is helping the President of Guinea with [the] Soros Foundation,’ Blair told Mrs Clinton in a leaked February 2012 email, adding that financial assistance would ‘make a big difference since [the] President has elections in early summer . . . any support would be very welcome!’

Mrs Clinton passed Blair’s chummy request to U.S. Treasury officials, and suggested that Mr Soros personally call the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to see if strings might be pulled.

A few months later — hey presto! — this cosy networking bore fruit.

The IMF wrote off $2.1billion (£1.5billion) of Guinea’s debt. Not long afterwards, President Conde was successfully re-elected, too.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5402339/Tony-Blair-links-George-Soros.html#ixzz5BEpcWcQi
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German police say Greece continues to flood Europe with migrant as source tells me now 20 rapes a day in Austria alone

March 30, 2018

Greece remains one of the most important entry points for migrants trying to reach Europe, according to German police.  More and more migrants are obtaining fake Greek passports to fly to Germany.

I have heard from a source in Austria that a senior police officer said that there were now 20 rapes a day in Austria, but the government had forbidden police from telling the population in case they become frightened.

The flooding of Europe with migrants is another reason why Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo need to take a look at Greece, specifically at the minions of George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and Geoffrey Pyatt.

From media

German police have claimed Greece is one of the most important entry points for irregular migrants and people smugglers.

The online version of Der Spiegel magazine has quoted from a domestic police report which claims: “Very often the road for those who want to enter Europe passes through Greece.”


The travel upgrade was the latest ploy by international smuggling gangs, which are exploiting rules meant to ease travel within Europe to spirit out well-paying migrants trapped in Greece by stringent land and sea border controls.

 Greek police say 1,672 migrants were caught last year trying to get out of the country on regular flights using fake identity papers from all over the world, with most of the documents made in Greece itself. That’s a large increase from 2016, and is considered so serious that German authorities launched checks on all flights arriving from Greece starting last November.

 Greek police have now stepped up local airport ID controls, are training airline employees to detect fake papers and have sent officers to assist their colleagues in German airports.



Novartis show trial unravels with prominent victim pledging to get justice against Alexis Tsipras

March 30, 2018

Greece’s parliament has apparently returned a case against ten senior politicians for allegedly taking €50 million in bribes from Novartis to justice officials amid growing doubts about credibility of the claims of three anonymous witnesses.

Most of the ten accused polticians and officials refused to testify before a special parliamentary panel until the three anonymous witnesses are cross examined.

In an apparent attempt to avoid any real investigation and circumvent due process, a special committee was created in parliament to conduct what appears to be a a one sided, fact free show trial.

One of the accused former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has called the allegations slanderous, and pledged to pursue the Novartis case.

Samaras could potentially obtain a conviction of Tsipras if he manages to get to the bottom of who these three witnesses are and who or what motivated them. While corrupt prosecutors will likely try and sit on any incriminating evidence, Samaras may be able to find a legal way of compelling evidence, for example, by going to the European Court of Justice, citing his right to a fair and speedy process.

He could also consider filing a civil case against the three anonymous witnesses for slander.

I also had to use a civil courts to compel evidence in my criminal case in Larisa, though the incriminating evidence that the case turned up did not help me either yet. On the contrary, my civil case became another scandal.

Under new rules, civil case defendants are obliged to submit evidence within  about a year of the plaintiff filing a suit. If they submit no evidence, the defendants automatically lose and must pay up. To obtain payment, Samaras would have a right to know their identities. Once he knows their identities, he can examine potential conflicts of interest. Are the three witnesses, for example, relatives or close friends or party hacks of Tsipras?

If it turns out by some other method out that these witnesses were coached by Tsipras, then Tsipras and his fixers could be facing a very serious penalty indeed.

Samaras suggested that if he does not deal with what he alleges the false allegations in the Novartis case, corrupt justice officials serving the interests of Alexis Tsipras, will think up new allegations.


Yes, as my own case against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras shows, police and prosecutors are willing to invent people who do not exist in a pathetic attempt to achieve their end of getting a journalist into custody to be able to murder them there with impunity. All this, and many more crimes, with the blessing of the then Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou.

I am also going to the European Court of justice and if I can raise the funds, I will take my case to New York where Soros is resident.

Vasiliki Thanou, the current legal advisor for Tsipras, is also implicated in the Novartis show trial scandal.


The Novartis show trial case underlines that Tsipras does not think more than one step ahead.  My tip to my reader, Tsipras. Instead of surrounding himself with sycophants and crooked morons, he should invite someone with half a “muala” to point out all the pitfalls before he embarks on one of his schemes, which always end up backfiring on him. My bet is he is going to be the first Prime Minister of Greece who goes almost straight from office into prison.



March 30, 2018

Opposition in Greece to the use of the name Macedonia by a northern neighbouring country is stiffening as a meeting to settle the dispute in Vienna is underway today.



After the junior coalition partner leader Panos Kammenos said his party would not accept  to use the term “Macedonia” in a dispute, the governor for the Greek region Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, said no solution with the the term “Macedonia” will “stand.”


The objection of the governor Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, to theuse of the term Macedonia by FYROM is especially promising.

Tzitzikostas was promptly criticised by Alexis Tsipras during a speech in Thessaloniki on Thursday evening, who claimed naming its northern neighbour Macedonia would bring economic benefits to the Greek region.


After splitting from the former Yugoslavia in 1991, Macedonia was admitted into the UN in 1993 as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The northern region of Greece is also called Macedonia.

FYROM constitution refers to the Republic of Macedonia, easing a merger with the northern Greek region. The government of FYROM has refused to change the name in the constitution.

Foreign Policy blog explains Greeks see a plan by dark by forces to take over the region and merge it with DYROM.

“Since 1992, nationalist narratives have taken hold in both countries around the issue. In FYROM, especially under former prime minister Nikola Gruevski, the government tried to establish a direct link between modern inhabitants of Slavic Macedonia and Alexander the Great, a link which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Greeks on the other hand, see a plan by dark forces to take over the Greek province of Macedonia, perhaps an echo from a post-World War II plan by Josip Broz Tito and Greek communists to establish a republic that included FYROM and northern Greece as part of Yugoslavia.


This blogger has heard from credible sources that the Globalists have a plan to foment a civil war between the northern Greek region of Macedonia and the rest of Greece with the aim of getting the Greek Macedonians to surrender their territory to FYROM of their on accord, forming a new state.

FYROM as well as local Macedonian officials have poured money into excavating ancient Macedonian sites which extended from northern Greeece into FYROM and Bulgaria under the Romans in an apparent bid to give the narrative that the Slavic Republic and the Greek region belong together more substance.



March 28, 2018


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has gone to Thessaloniki today to meet the governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, and I believe, it is within the realm of possiblity that the pair are meeting to finalize details for a false flag operation to ignite a civil war between Macedonia and the rest of Greece, and it could even be in a place close to Larisa, for reasons I give below.


Panos Kammenos, the leader of the Greek government’s junior coalition partner, said yesterday his party will “prevent in any way the use of the term ‘Macedonia'” in the neighboring country’s name.  A refusal by Kammenos’ party to back a name deal could spell the end of Tsipras’ government.


A desperate Tsipras, facing years in jail for his crimes connected with my case alone and now for his attempt to convict ten rival politicians using three anonymous witnesses,  may have decided to push forward any potential plan, if there is one, to stage a false flag to ignite a civil war and rushed to Thessaloniki today to work out the details before his government falls.

Hired and armed provacateurs could be used to stage confrontation which could, then, be used to project animosity onto all people in Macedonia, and the rest of Greece and bring them into a confrontation.

Ekathimerini and other media have started pushing the narrative that a disallowed goal in a football match could be the spark that leads to an outbreak of violence between Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia, and Athens, and even civil war.

Look out for a staged incident and a fake narrative such as “Football fans from Thessaloniki gun down Athens fans in chance encounter at motorway rest station close to Larisa. Argument turned into deadly encounter over disallowed goal.”


“Argument in a tax office turned into a mass shooting after Thessaloniki football fan turned fire on public servants shouting “Down with Athens.”

Alarming, perhaps, is that Georgetown university educated governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas has also had frequent meetings with US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt.



It is on record that Pyatt was a fixer for George Soros in the Ukraine, and he seems to serve the same function in Greece, building up networks to push the Globalist agenda, possibly through blackmail and bribery.

Pyatt is meeting New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis today. Mitsotakis’ role in allowing his main political rivals to be nearly put on trial by Tsipras is alarming. These men would have had to spend the rest of their lives in jail if they had been convicted on the basis of three anonymous witnesses and risked death there from unnatural causes.


Tzitzikostas has also had meetings with the Bishop of Larisa, another Globalist pawn as my own criminal case indicates.


Furthermore, Tzitzikostas has poured money into excavating ancient Macedonian sites in Pella, Amphipolis and other places, shadowing the efforts of the Republic of Macedonia.




The Slavic Republic has been funding the excavation of sites in the Greek northern region with a single goal, namely, to find connections to ancient Macedonia to add legitimacy to its claim on the name, according to NY Times.

The northern Greek region of Macedonia and the Slavic republic whose capital at Skopje have nothing in common apart from sharing territory that once formed ancient Macedonia.

Some major ancient Macedonian towns like Pella, Dion and Melaboia are close to Larisa.


Ancient sites could be used to bolster the fake media narrative that northern Greek region and the Slavic Republic belong together.

A lot of these threads run together in an area close to Larisa. This was brought to my attention by the  Old Calendar Bishop of Larisa Philotheos who was nearly shot in a mountain cabin in the border region between Thessaly and Macedonia.

A screenshot of the location of the cabin which I posted in May is at the top of the post.

He was puzzled over the motive.  He told after we bumped into each other at the court that one motive for trying to get him out of the way might be to be able to look for ancient Macedonian artefacts. His cabin was located on 10,000 square feet of land close to an ancient Macedonian town.

There were a lot of ancient Macedonian cities in this part of Greece.

If the governments of the FYROM and the regional Macedonian government and the Globalists are pouring money into excavating these sites and possibly into museum collections, a lucrative black market in these artefacts could have emerged.

The cabin also sits on old road, which is used today to smuggle migrants north, he told me. That road could also be used to transport weapons for an armed uprising.

Furthermore, there was a shooting club close by as I showed in a screenshot in May. The old bishop told me the area was awash with illegal guns.

To add to the explosive mix, there are two monasteries at that place, which could be used to store guns.

Archbishop Ieronymos is a Globalist and a salaried official of the Greek government. Orthodox clergy in Greece are public servants paid by the Ministry of Education.

In January Tsipras informed Ieronymos about the details of the negotiations about the Macedonia name change before he informed party leaders.


Ieronymos called on Greeks to accept the name change.


Pressure from the base and bishops forced him to change his mind and back a protest rally in Athens.



March 28, 2018

China’s new oil futures contract denominated in yuan could dethrone the petrodollar, weaken the dollar and lead to hyperinflation.

In my view, the real inflationary risk is the massive, indeed historical amount of debt in the US financial system. The sheer amount of debt means that interest rates cannot be used to control inflation. Even tiny increases in interest rates have a side effect of wiping out the real economy, which will further fuel inflation.

Donald Trump has to prepare a plan now to cancel all US household, corporate and federal and state debt. Only after a reset of the financial system, can interest rates perform their function of controlling inflation.

It is imperative to renationalize the Federal Reserve as soon as possible. That will cut off the funding of Globalist bankers like Goldman Sachs, who are the ones backing China and Russia against the USA.

Trump should cancel debts and renationalize the Fed long before the mid terms so people start to feel real prosperity again. Otherwise, he could lose the mid terms and be impeached.

Also, Trump should cancel all debt owed to China. China is a Globalist proxy using economics and finance to take over countries, which still have a vestige of democracy. If anyone stands up to them, they flex their military muscles.

A massive Chinese navy is carrying out exercises of South China Sea, a strategic trade route.

Meanwhile George Soros-backed MoveOn.org, Women’s March LA have been funding student rallies across the USA to repeal the 2nd amendment and confiscate guns.


Trump should hit back with economic warfare. 

New CISPR gene editing is extremely dangerous

March 28, 2018

From Infowars

Technologynetworks.com (6/26/17): “CRISPR gene editing is taking biomedical research by storm. Providing the ultimate toolbox for genetic manipulation, many new applications for this technology are now being investigated and established. CRISPR systems are already delivering superior genetic models for fundamental disease research, drug screening and therapy development, rapid diagnostics, in vivo editing and correction of heritable conditions and now the first human CRISPR clinical trials.”

All hail.

It’s called CRISPR, a much faster, more precise, and cheaper technique for editing genes. Researchers are in love with it. You can find hundreds of articles and studies fawning over the innovation.

At phys.org, however, we have this, ahem, warning note (5/29/17): “…a new study published in Nature Methods has found that the gene-editing technology can introduce hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome.”