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Reviewing the nature of the details of evidence tampering in my case reinforces the notion that George Soros was behind the Ebola false flag in West Africa in 2014, and that he is orchestrating a purge of all the evidence, (first and foremost, of course, a purge of me, the journalist who has done the most to expose his depopulation plans).

Evidence also suggests Soros and his associates really do plan to use migrants as vectors to spread a disease throughout Europe, the UK, USA etc.

I noticed a sinister thread about migrants, vaccines and Soros as I was going through my case for the European Court of Justice and others.

You see, before I went back to Greece in September 2015, I emailed my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos about my plan to go, first, to Athens to look at the refugee influx and  find out about the vaccines which they were being given in the health centres and whether the Greek government was prepared for an epidemics. (Evidence 25, email 15th September 2015)

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Christopoulos may well have passed this email of mine further up the chain of command until it came into the hands of Alexis Tsipras and George Soros,two proven readers of my blog. At any rate, he emailed me almost immediately back and asked me to tell him when I was in Larisa. (Evidence 25, email 15th September 2015)

My focus on migrants would have scared George Soros if his next epidemic false flag plan included using migrants as vectors to spread a pandemic throughout  Europe by injecting them with dodgy vaccines in poorly regulated centres.

At any rate within ten days of my email, and just five days or so after I arrived in Greece, George Soros was so concerned about my thoughts on the migrant influx that when I blogged about it on September 25th 2015, he felt obliged to counter my arguments within 24 hours, using many of my words and multi word phrases as I did.

On September 25th, I put up a post about the migrant crisis on my blog.

On September 26th, George Soros penned a counter argument.

I caught him copying multi word phrases of my blog. (Evidence 49 )

I told Christopoulos. See email string “Soros and co” (Evidence 27)

On October 6th, Alexis Tsipras met Werner Faymann at a refugee centre on Lesbos. (Evidence (Evidence 50)

I posted up a cartoon of Tsipras talking to Faymann and planning a cholera, Mers and Ebola outbreak all at the same time. (Evidence 49)

Tsipras tweeted a picture of migrants. He also tweeted the name Faymann twice, replicating a rare spelling mistake of mine twice. That is when I caught Tsipras copying my blog. I checked and saw that before he met Faymann in Vienna on February 9th, Tsipras spelled Faymann correctly. So he began to make this mistake after his meeting with Faymann, when Faymann presumably showed Tsipras my blog. Tsipras saw my post about their meeting and began subconsciously to replicate my spelling mistake.

The evening of October 6th 2015, Christopoulos emailed me and told me to summarize all the evidence. (Evidence 27, see email 6th October 2015)

Apparently alarmed when he realized he had been caught, Tsipras may have activated his network in Larisa to find out what I knew and to make sure I was ensnared in a trap.

From October 11th, 2015, I already warned whole police reports could vanish from my file if Tsipras and Faymann are involved, as actually happened with the help of Christopoulos.

The common thread?

Migrants, health centres, vaccines, bioweapons, and the purging ofinformation on this subject.

Also missing in the version of my July 2015 police report translated by Christopoulos is a quote from my blog used by Liberian scientist Cyril Broderick in an articlefor the Liberian Observer.

“The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.”

Christopoulos crossed this quote out from my original report using pencil marks. (Evidence 24, page 4)

Borderick wrongly sources my quote to TheGuardian.com, though I have written for The Guardian as well.

His report has since been removed from the Liberian Observer. But it can be found on other websites.


While Broderick’s report has been removed, the hit piece by the editors of the Liberian Observer can still be found with a broken link to the original piece.



Dismissing the evidence the Ebola outbreak as a false flag by taking information out of context, the hit piece fails to identify my quote.

“For instance, he cites one quotation in The Guardian: “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale. . . .”  But so far, I have been unable to locate this source.  A well-known US-based conservative blog that has been similarly critical of Dr. Broderick’s article noted this about that quotation: “A routine Internet search finds no evidence that such a sentence was ever written in the pages of The Guardian.”

That conservative blog was Breitbart, then under former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon.



The quote from my blog used by Broderick was crossed out by Christopoulos of my July 2015 report without my knowledge or permission as part of an ongoing purge of information about the false flag epidemics and their sources.

And Breitbart has played a key role in epidemic misinformation campaign.

On September 21st, I arrived in Larisa and emailed Christopoulos. (Evidence 26)

The very next day, on September 22nd, Larisa police chief Asterios Mantzokas sent the instructions to Ajia police on whom to question, including a fake person, Th. Vallianatou, setting into motion a lethal trap for me. (Evidence 34)

Asterios Mantzokas is the same police chief who sent my police file to Larisa prosecutor’s office in May 2015. (Evidence 10)

That proves, he knew  about the charges on April 22 2015. He knew about the bribery attempt on April 27 2015, proving all my allegations were true. He knew about the key evidence too because he attached it to the file, which he signed off on.
He also knew about my July 2015 police report because he references it in his instructions to Ajia police. He also knew about the file at the prosecutor’s office because he cites the right file number, Delta 15 218. So, Mantzokas knew that his instructions to police in Ajia left out all the key reports, all the key witnesses, and all the key facts. There can, therefore, be no question of error or mistake. 

In May 2015, Mantzokas still had an honest purpose as is shown by the fact he sent my complete file to the prosecutor’s office. But by July 2015 at the latest, he had become a part of a vast conspiracy to not only deny me justice but set me up for a lethal penalty.

In his 22nd September letter, Mantzokas gives as the contact person
Evangelos Toutounas, the police officer who signed off on my July report and in whose handwritten note, the  name of the fake person appeared.

Mantzokas, moreover, also knew the fake person Th. Vallianatou did notexist. He asked police in Ajia to ascertain Th Vallianatou’s ID and tax number, which they never did. Furthermore, this fake person was neve mentioned again, not even in the cover letter by Ajia deputy police chief listing who had given statements. (Evidence 35).

A police officer gives false testimony under oath that Theosemni could not be questioned because she lives in Estonia. (Evidence 36, 37)

But no explanation at all is offered why Th. Vallianatou was not questioned.

Light blogging as a I work on preparing my case.

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