Former Greek PM warns Tsipras will try to eliminate political rivals with Novartis show trial in FT, poses threat to Democracy

Former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has warned in the Financial Times that Alexis Tsipras is trying to turn justice system in Greece into a tool for destroying his political opponents. 

“We have been singled out on the basis of vague and groundless allegations made in the testimonies of three “protected” witnesses. Syriza is setting an alarming precedent: two ex-prime ministers are being persecuted on the basis of unfounded allegations made by anonymous protected witnesses. The aim of Mr Tsipras and his colleagues is to discredit their rivals. They obviously do not care that the ultimate victim of their actions will be Greek democracy,” he writes in the FT.

My own case shows that Samaras and the other political rivals targeted by Tsipras should not be complacent. Tsipras is ready to go to great lengths to kill anyone he sees as an obstacle, and using a corrupted justice apparatus to give the appearance of legality to brazen crimes.

Tsipras is the proven reader of my blog and the organizer of these multiple murder attempts against me, not Novartis or Samaras.

The former president of Larisa court who is responsible for criminal actions in my case,  Alexander Oekonomou, was promoted to head of Athens criminal court in September 2017, apparently as a reward.

If Samaras or any other politicians are ever convicted by corrupt prosecutors on the basis of the testimonies of these protected witnesses, they will put in jail in Athens. If they are killed in jail there, the case would ultimately go to Oekonomou, who has every incentive to cover up the murder of Tsipras’ political rivals in case he is brought to justice for his own crimes against me.

Samaras and co should not rely on Kyriakos Mitsotakis to help them. Mitsoktakis certainly  knows all about my case and has done since 2015. His failure to act has emboldened Tsipras. If Mitsotakis wouldn’t protect a journalist trying to stop the depopulation of Greece, he won’t protect Samaras either in the final analysis.  Mitsotakis will betray Samaras and ND. Mark my words. He is a banker, who craves power from a corrupt dynasty and no better than Tsipras.

If Tsipras manages to establish the precedent of show trials, watch out Greece!!! Mitsotakis will not do more than make a big theatre if 10s of thousands disappear into gulags as his inaction in my case shows.




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