Trump and Kim Jong to meet to discuss denuclearization

From The Telegraph

Donald Trump said on Thursday night he would meet Kim Jong-un within two months and the North Korean leader has vowed to stop nuclear tests.

In an extraordinary development, the US president said he would sit down with the North Korean leader “by May”, which, if it goes ahead, would be the first time a sitting US president has met a North Korea leader.

I hope Trump gives Kim a good deal. Better a deal than a nuclear strike against North Korea. Now it has emerged, the USA cannot win a ground war, a nuclear strike is the only option. But Kim Jong Un has to be reasonable about what he can demand too. He can’t, for example, insist on taking over half a village in Switzerland in the event he decides to go into exile because the locals won’t accept that. A quiet life in a chalet is the max the locals will accept in Switzlerland. And in Switzerland, the locals have a vote.

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