Greece and Turkey. Arena for next WW3 false flag?

Now that North Korean appears to be ready to denuclearize, the Globalists may be trying to get a false flag going between Turkey and Greece. George Soros’ fixer and US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt seems  once more to be playing  a key role. One day after meeting the Greek Chief of Staff, the army promoted the two officers responsible for the capture of two junior Greek officers by Turkey, placing them in key planning positions.

Pentagon Chief James Mattis and Joseph Dunford have been caught red handed standing down the chemical and biological warfare capacities of US troops in plans for a groundwar in North Korea as well as in hiding that very stand down by classifying the plans and by refusing to answer Congress’ questions. At the same time, they pushed the idea in public that a ground war was the best option and considering a nuclear strike was irresponsible.

A recent exercise in Hawaii, however, revealed, in addition to a lack of prep for the above chem and bio weapons, there were no plans to protect US troops from artillery barrages and air strikes. This we can infer from the fact that the US generals didn’t think they would be able to evacuate the thousands of dead and wounded expected in the first few days alone.

With the US army destroyed in North Korea, it would be possible for China to invade the US, especially if Americans are disarmed, and heard them into camp.

Mattis as the commander of the first Marine Division in Operation Desert Storm must know very well that it was missile and air strikes that destroyed Iraqi forces in advance. A thousand sorties  a day were launched. And he must have known that US forces faced the same fate in North Korea.

Pyatt works closely together with Mattis and Rex Tillerson.

Excerpts from media

Chief of the Hellenic National Defence Staff Admiral Angelos Apostolakis met U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey R. Pyatt on Wednesday to discuss regional developments, including the country’s increasingly tense relationship with its neighbours in Turkey, Greek newspaper Kathimerini reports.

The commanders of the army divisions in which the two officers captured by the Turkish military were serving will be transferred to other posts.

 Major General Dimitrios Bonoras, of the XVI Mechanised Infantry Division (Didymoteiho), will be transferred to the Fourth Branch of the Army General Staff.

 It is considered likely that Bonoras will be transferred to the Directorate of Defence Planning and Programming.

 Brigadier Andreas Floratos, who led the Third Mechanised Brigade “Rimini”, will be appointed director of the Infantry School in Halkida, Evia.

 According to a report posted by, when the events with the two captured officers were unfolding, many believed that the ongoing army promotions process would lead to the decommissioning of the two senior officers.

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt has thanked Secretary of Defense James Mattis in a tweet “for your strong support for our alliance with Greece.”

Pyatt’s comment came after Wednesday’s meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels and talks between Mattis and Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, Pyatt  joins US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell for talks in Ankara.

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