My mirror selfie for the week as media peddle idea world is heading for an epidemic catastrophe


I would like to just a wave to my discontented readers, George Soros and Alexis Tsipras and draw attention to my predicament and your predicament, dear readers, as the Globalists seek to remove you, in your millions, yes, billions from the planet earth, now by floating a “disease X.”

I wonder if Donald Trump knew about the Baxter birdflu incident in Austria in 2009? If he didn’t, he can be sure he is not in the inner Globalist circle. There are no  plans for him or his family to survive depopulation either.

Trump must make biological and chemical warfare threat a number one policy priority if he really wants to MAGA. We’ll see if he does. One year into his term, my situation has gotten worse while the fixer of George Soros, who tried to take down the USA with Ebola in 2014, still reigns supreme in Athens from his base in the US embassy. The way he allowed free speech on the internet and the right to carry arms be attacked also does not augur well.

From The Telegraph with running commentary in brackets

Disease X is not a newly identified pathogen but what military planners call a “known unknown”. It’s a disease sparked by a biological mutation, or perhaps an accident or terror attack, that catches the world by surprise and spreads fast.

(Editor’s interpretation. The Globalists are still looking to develop disease X, a highly lethal but easily transmitted disease, which they can, however, control)

By including it on the list, the WHO is acknowledging that infectious diseases and the epidemics they spawn are inherently unpredictable.

(Editor’s note. Epidemics have become extremely predictable since the International Health Regulations foreseeing martial law and global vaccine plans with risky jabs became law in 2008 and 2009. There was nearly a bird flu epidemic in February 2009 when Baxter sent out 72 kilos of contaminated flu material from its biosecurity level 3 facilities in Austria. This was followed a couple of weeks after this was stopped by a swine flu pandemic in April 2009, and then there was a Ebola pandemic in 2014 and a plague in Madagascar in 2017. Expect more soon)

Like the Spanish flu which killed 50m to 100m people between 1918 and 1920, Disease X is the catastrophe nobody saw coming until it was too late.

(Editor. I keep saying this is a catastrophe we should all see coming but the global military and intelligence community has to wake)

“Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown,” says the WHO. 

(They are working on developing it right now in a lab, but haven’t found it yet)

It has been included on the list not to terrify us, but to ensure that the global health community builds the resilience and capacity needed to tackle all threats – not just the predictable ones.

(It has been included to terrify us even more)

Where might it come from?

One source of Disease X could be the deliberate utilisation of infectious disease as a weapon.

(Correct, a delibrate release as a weapon as in Baxter in 2009)

While bio-weapons have been used since the middle ages (the Tartars catapulted the cadavers of plague victims into the besieged seaport of Caffa in 1346, for example), new scientific developments including gene editing and an exponential increase in computing power make it easier than ever to develop lethal biological agents.

(Correct, unfortunately)

The US and USSR explored bio-weapon development during the Cold War and both continue to hold live cultures of deadly pathogens, including the smallpox virus, in secretive and (hopefully) secure labs.

(Don’t hope too much. They can decide to release them deliberately as Baxter did in 2009 any time)

More recently, the Iraqi military toyed with botulinum toxins under Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda operatives experimented with anthrax and, in 2014, a laptop captured from Islamic State (IS) was found to contain instructions on how to weaponise the plague virus

(Prepare to have ISIS blamed for a plague outbreak)

North Korea and Syria are also thought to have bio warfare capability. Syria, which has been using chemical weapons against civilian populations in the current conflict, suffered a rare smallpox outbreak in 1972 and is believed to have held wild smallpox strains within its military-industrial complex ever since. Equally alarming, anthrax antibodies were detected in the blood of a North Korean military defector last year, raising fears that Pyongyang has a store of weaponised anthrax.

(Pentagon Chief James Mattis and Joseph Dunford have been caught red handed standing down the chemical and biological warfare capacities of US troops in plans for a groundwar in North Korea and also hiding that very stand down by classifying the plans and refusing to answer Congress’ questions. A recent exercise in Hawaii, however, revealed, in addition to a lack of prep for the above chem and bio weapons, there were no plans to protect US troops from artillery barrages and air strikes, resulting in the thousands of deaths in the first few days of any campaign and no chance to evacuate the wounded)

On the bright side, the number of incidents involving bioweapons to date has been very low, with hoaxes far outnumbering genuine attacks.

(Wuith failed attempts to start an epidemic far outweighing success, partly thanks to the efforts of this blog. This has brought me into the crosshairs of George Soros himself, reader of my blog. Mind you, Soros does not have to make much effort to keep the opposition under surveillance since it consists mainly of me)

Non-state actors, including IS, appear to lack the capacity to develop a bio-weapon with large scale reach.

(But they can be groomed by the Globalists)

But this could change. It has long been feared, for instance, that military grade pathogens could leak from Soviet labs onto the black market and into the hands of terrorists.

(Could be leaked from Soviet and other labs into the hands of terrorists)

Only last year Canadian researchers published a peer-reviewed paper detailing how they had synthetically engineered horsepox (a close relative of the smallpox virus) from scratch using equipment now which falls within the reach of many terror groups.

(To provide plausible deniability if and when an outbreak occurs. “It was the terrorists, you see. Those silly Canadians published the guide on how to make smallpox in ten simple steps on the internet “)

The paper’s publication has been widely condemned as a security breach. The details provided could “substantively assist those with lesser degrees of experience to synthesize smallpox”, said one critic.

“The synthesis of horsepox virus takes the world one step closer to the reemergence of smallpox as a threat to global health security”, said another.

(Brace yourself for a small pox false flag)

 Bird flu was found on a duck farm in England on Monday days after it was discovered in Dutch chickens, forcing authorities to destroy poultry and restrict exports, although it was not a strain known to be deadly to humans

(But then again, the bird flu is also an option)

What about animals?

Bio-weapons are one risk, animals another.

(animals as well as terrorists can be blamed for future engineered epidemics)

The most probable source of Disease X is zoonotic diseases, or Zoonoses. These are diseases present in wild and domesticated animals that can be transmitted to humans.

(These are man made diseases blamed on animals for plausible deniability)

Some 70% of newly discovered diseases in the last century have been zoonotic. The hemorrhagic bug Ebola is a prime example. The 2013-2016 West African pandemic is believed to have started when a one-year-old boy was bitten by an Ebola-infected bat in Guinea.

(indeed, some still believe in Santa Claus, generally under ten years of age)

The disease spread to his mother, sister and grandmother and then on to kill more than 11,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

(apparently via a bioweapons lab in Kenema hospital and with other assistance)

HIV is also a zoonosis. The human HIV epidemic most likely began when someone killed and ate a wild chimpanzee.

(HIV is also believed to be a bioweapon)

It has since infected some 70m people and killed 35m.

Domestic livestock are the most likely incubator for Disease X. Large groups of farm animals (chickens, pigs and even camels) kept in close quarters create ideal breeding conditions for zoonotic disease. The viruses, constantly mutating, move rapidly from wild animals to farm animals and then on to humans. They can be spread by ticks but the fastest moving are airborne.

Disease X could be a mutation of an existing animal disease like avian influenza or African swine fever or it could be a brand-new pathogen that moves from animals to humans.

(African swine fever, Africa birdflu plague, Jihadist HIV pox…Get ready to learn some new vocabulary if and when disease X is branded and launched)

As we farm, mine and colonize ever more remote locations of the planet, the more likely we are to come into contact with as yet unknown animal bugs. Cutting down the African bush for farmland or mining the Brazilian rainforest presents a constant risk of exposure to new zoonotic diseases.

(There are too many human beings on the planet and the population is growing all the time, and we need to depopulate the planet to conserve resources for the Globalist elite)

Hiding in plain sight

(Sure is)

Although the WHO focuses on unknown pathogens in its description of Disease X, another major pandemic risk comes from the potential evolution of existing diseases.

(an alternative to developing an entirely new disease is modifying existing ones to make them more lethal)

HIV, Tuberculosis, and influenza have already demonstrated their capacity for devastating epidemic spread. Global health infrastructure currently keeps them under control through a combination of surveillance, effective treatments – and good luck.

Influenza is one of the biggest threats. This was proven in 2009 when H1N1 (swine flu) went rapidly pandemic. 213 countries and territories reported cases of the virus and an estimated 285,000 people died in its wake.

That is a massive number, but it represents a case fatality rate of just .02%. Approximately one out of 5 people on the planet were infected, but very few died. In other words, H1N1 was highly infectious, but it was not highly virulent.

On the other hand, H151 avian influenza has a mortality rate in humans of about 60%. At present, H151 does not spread human-to-human. However, it could easily evolve and a virus with the infectiousness of H1N1 and the mortality rate of H151 would be devastating.

(The problem described in a nutshell from the eugenicist Globalist’s point of view. How to get an highly infectious and highly lethal disease into circulation. Up to now they have only been able to get one or the other going and the Baxter H151 bird flu material was stopped)

Tuberculosis (TB) is another continually evolving disease. The most basic forms of TB infection are cured with simple antibiotic treatment, but the bacteria which cause Tuberculosis are rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics. In 2016, an estimated 490,000 people worldwide developed multidrug resistant TB and it has been reported in 117 countries worldwide.

HIV is a third existing pandemic that could slip out of control. Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) allow people with the condition to live normal healthy lives. However, HIV is also becoming resistant to treatment. Among countries that report relevant data to the WHO, 10-15% of people are diagnosed with HIV which is resistant to the standard antiviral treatments.

These numbers could get worse. “HIV is the fastest mutating organism on the planet”, said Dr. Edsel Salvana, an infectious disease specialist at the University of the Philippines. “We are seeing new strains of HIV that are highly aggressive and develop drug resistance faster. We need to stay on top of this with careful surveillance, and we need to develop new and more durable drugs.”

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