Pentagon chiefs have prepared no bloody nose strike plan

The US military does not have a plan for a limited strike on North Korea, it has emerged thanks to Pentagon chiefs Josef Dunford and James Mattis, who is now also implicated in a corporate fraud on top of his fraud as Secretary of Defence.

The Pentagon has a plan for a groundwar, but one leading to disaster.

Apart from no plans for chemical and biological warfare, there seem to be no plans either to deal with North Korea’s vast artillery barrages and anti aircraft missile defences.

North Koreas mountainous terrain surrounded on two sides by seas would, anyway, be extremely difficult for US forces to get a toe hold on, let alone operate in. 

Its long, narrow shape means North Korean soldiers and weapons can be deployed quickly to any point of attack by US and South Korean ground forces whether it is an assault from the sea or across the land border.

A systems of tunnel make North Korea’s forces and weapons depots pretty much invulnerable from airstrikes. That means can move about at will and set up missile systems etc again, even should the US be able to destroy its surface missile capacities during a strike.

Mattis has committed fraud by pretending to the public and US government, he did have various military options ready, which had to be classified so North Korea did not have the heads up.

Now, it has turned out, Mattis is also implicated in corporate fraud when he sat on the board of directors of a silicon tech company.

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis is declining to comment on the alleged $700 million fraud at Theranos, much of which occurred while he sat on the blood-testing company’s board of directors.
•Mattis joined the Theranos board after retiring from the military in 2013, and left after being nominated by President Trump

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