Now that the original plan to start a false flag between Turkey and Greece appears to be running into trouble with the departure of Rex Tillerson, the Globalists appear to be rolling out an aternative scenario for a civil war on Greek territory itself, developing potentially proxy war between Russia and the USA.

The desperate move comes as FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired, James Comey called out for lying under oath, and amid speculation that Donald Trump could indite Hillary Clinton.

The idea that a civil war could suddenly erupt along a line just north of Larisa, where I am, dear readers, seems fantastical.

But, about a year ago, I had a chat with a local person with detailed  and insider knowledge of the NWO in Greece. My case against George Soros attracts a lot of interest from that quarter. Anyway, this person told me  that there was a Globalist plan to split Greece in two and merge the northern Greek region of Macedonia with the Slavic Republic of Macedonia. He suggested groups were storing up weapons in the border region between Greek Macedonia and Greek Thessaly, a little to the north of Larisa, and preparing for an uprising.

At the time, I was incredulous. But the past couple of days the Tsipras government and media have started trotting out this very script.

It all started over the weekend when Tsipras and Putin crony Ivan Savvidis grabbed headlines by storming onto a football pitch in Thessaloniki apparently armed with a revolver.

The media is now spinning the incident as a threat to the very existence of Greece itself, as an event stoking underlying tensions between the north and south, which could flare up into a confrontation, into civil war, as the violence between clubs  on the football fields spills into the streets.

“Divisions in the coalition over last Sunday’s abandoned soccer league game between AEK Athens and Thessaloniki’s PAOK were highlighted in Parliament on Thursday, amid speculation that the issue could also lead to a divide between the country’s north and south.”

Savvidis is being portrayed in the media, which he owns a large slice of thanks to Tsipras, as the saviour and benefactor of Thessaloniki, the capital of the Macedonia region.

Yes, media claim the entire city is uniting around Savvidis, a Russian of Greek heritage. We are supposed to believe the people there are seething at the perceived persecution of the benign oligarch by corrupt Athens authorities and referees on the proxy conflict zone of the football field. The decision to award Athens based AEK a goal and disallow an offside goal by PAOK has the Greek people ready to take up arms against each other, media suggested.

Savvidis himself is pushing this narrative, claiming he only stormed onto the field to prevent an orgy of violence by the fans againt their Athens rivals.

This, though, attendance at football matches has plummeted to new lows.

“This season only four clubs in the 16-team top division have posted average attendances of more than 5,000 spectators per league game.”

Larisa’s football team is 12th in the league right now. If even a thousand fans turn up to a game, in the meantime, it’s a good show.

German media have been quick to hype the incident as a grave danger to the existence of Greece.

“This confrontation has ensured that the current affair around Savvidis is dangerous for the social cohension of Greece. The  last thing that the country needs is a new division, this time along geographic and economic lines, and originating in a football feud,” breathes Der Spiegel.

The hype is sure to continue to dominate headlines. An arrest warrant has been issued for Savvidis who is on the run. Instead of just going back to Russia, let me guess, Savvidis will decide to hide out in a village in the Macedonia border region with well armed body guards and, lo and behold, local villagers who happened to be carrying rifles to go hunting will spontaneously join this group when police turn up….

The media hype comes as Alexis Tsipras and Soros fixer and US ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, have been making a push to erase the differences between the former Yugoslav Republic and the Greek region by proposing they both have the same name, namely Macedonia, facilitating an eventual territorial merger.

The Republic of Macedonia has a geographical connection with the ancient kingdom of Macedon, once ruled by Alexander the Great. However, the modern Republic Macedonia is Slavic speaking country, and a third of the population are Muslims.–2018_developments

An opponent of the move to allow the Republic to have the name Macedonia  is former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who has, incidentally, been targetted by a Venezuela style lynch justice using three witnesses whose identities Alexis Tsipras refuses to reveal.

Let me guess. The three hooded witnesses are called Nikos Tsipras, Kostas Tsipras and Spyros Mitsotakis…

The more, in fact, I see of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the more I am convinced he is a Globalist patsy in the style of ND linked prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou or banker Andreas Vgenopoulous.

Mitstotakis has just rushed to Washington apparently to receive his marching orders from Soros operative Fiona Hill before she is thrown out along with HR McMaster.

Mitstotakis has been bust stoking tensions between Greece and Turkey. But with the new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set to stop a false flag, the Globalists may be turning to plan B of manufacturing instability in Greece.


I cannot claim to be an expert on Greece, dear readers, though I have been living in Larisa, in the centre, now for nearly two and half years.  True, I have had to become something of on the Greek legal system as my lawyer was bribed and I had to represent myself in my case against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras. But this, I can say, I have never come across any person who has every said they wanted Thessaloniki to be independent of Athens or vice versa from any place or walk of life.

Sure, Athens and Thessaloniki have distinct regional identities, but the division is no greater than, say, the north and south divide in England.

People in Larisa go to work or study in Athens or Thessaloniki or visit family there all the time and vice versa.

Crete, a big island with an economony and dialect of its own, is the only part of Greece somewhat desiring independence from Athens.

Greece did have a civil war between the Communist and nationalist factions after WW2 and it did, more recently, have a Junta. But in 2018, the entire country seems to be united against the corrupt political elite.

The entire script of a north and south division is ridiculous, unless, that is, a network really has already been organized to rise up with weapons when the Globalists give the cue and a narrative has been established in the media.

To explain away a sudden uprising, Tsipras has to sell the idea to the Greeks and the international community that an incident on a football field has stoked underlying tensions in the country to the point where the entire country could flare up into violence.

This confrontation could even become a proxy war between the Russians in the north and the USA and NATO which has bases in the south.

Larisa in the centre has a NATO base.

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