Trump tweets as he sends globe spiralling to WW3

With Donald Trump and his cabinet packed full of Globalists like James Mattis, John Bolton, who manipulated intelligence to allow for the Iraq war, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo threatening more strikes in the events of false flags in Syria, the world must brace for WW3 and annihilation.

WW3 is going to be like no war ever on this planet with gigantic nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals on the planet.

Europeans and Brits can also be conscripted into the EU army being formed and into war service under a little noticed provision in the Lisbon Treaty, allowing for total mobilisation and total death.

Ireland is the only country which obtained an exemption after it rejected the Treaty for this reason the first time round.

Meanwhile, cynical Trump  is taking time out from his WW3 warmongering to tweet selective poll showing his rates are up when other polls show his approval is very low.

Trump ran on anti intervention. He has broken a key election promise. We might as well have had Hillary Clinton.

From The Express

Paris has been in touch with a dozen countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark, over the proposed military crisis force, and held a working group to outline the idea in March.

The idea aims to bring together European countries with a military capacity and political desire to collaborate on planning, carry out joint analyses of emerging crises and to react to them quickly.

One insider said: ”It would not be within the European Union and would allow countries outside it, like Britain, to be part of it.”

From DW

The EU wants to streamline military movements across the bloc and make infrastructure more suitable for military use. The plan has been dubbed a “military Schengen,” a reference to Europe’s passport-free travel zone.

The European Union unveiled plans on Wednesday to lower barriers for moving military equipment and troops across Europe amid rising concern of Russian aggression.

The 28-member bloc has sought to better integrate defense capabilities and capacities with a vision towards creating a European Defense Union by 2025 and meeting NATO priorities for swift military movements.

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