Sorry, Theresa and Nikki, about my email from WHO about no confirmation of chemical attacks. Let’s just forget all about it, water under the bridge as Theresa gets ready to be grilled by MPs about her missile strikes in Syria, the past is the past, forgotten, okay?

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Oops I meant to post more video evidence of the ongoing Russian cyber attack on the UK, but accidentally reposted an email from WHO on Friday confirming there was NO confirmation of evidence of a chemical attack in Douma when she ordered a missile strike.

I promised Theresa, Nikki and Donald not to mention that email again for various reasons, which are rather sticky in nature, but if you recall the case of deceased WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas, you may get my drift?

Oops, and I made the little slip of forwarding the email proof that W.H.O had no confirmation of evidence of a chemical attack at the time of the missile attack to MPs in the UK just “at a time when  Theresa, Nikki and Donald are “likely to face heavy political pressure over (their) decision to bomb Syria’s chemical weapons program.”

In fact, Theresa is facing an emergency session this afternoon to be grilled by MPs on her illegal strike on Syria, and she may be, you know, tempted to lie a little bit here and there, possibly also claiming that UNSC inspectors have provided credible evidence, contradicting Pentagon Chief James Mattis….

Labour has released a legal opinion arguing the Syria military strikes were illegal.


Anyway, here goes the second attempt to upload the new crucial evidence.

There…it’s up, new video clip proof.

Yikes, I mean now we all know who did it. It was the Russian Pandas, after all, destroying more computers this time in a hospital!!! Yes, yet another videos of what my Russian sources are claiming shows the ongoing Russian dirty tricks cyber attack on the UK…

Obviously, in the face of so much evidence, I have to accept that Theresa, Boris, Don and  Nikki really do have the moral and legal authority to attack Russian sites in Syria, yes, even nuke Moscow and without any further investigation or any consultation with mere parliament or congress.

Just look at the way that Panda is behaving ! Tearing out the drip feed of the patient! Sources tell me that is a patient of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria being treated by what seems to be a nurse working for the Syrian American Medical Society in East Ghouta. The drip feed may contain some neutralizing solution for the chemical weapon no one can find any evidence was used…

That all puts me in a rather awkward position. I  must admit to being a Russian disinformation agent, engaged in down playing a Russian a cyber attack on the UK as now documented in credible videos and also for daring to obtain an email from W.H.O. unambiguously stating there is no evidence, yes, no confirmation of evidence, of a chemical weapons attack in Douma.

I get that email kind of demolished the justification for the illegal missile strikes in Syria when no national interest was at stake. I get Theresa, Nikki and Emmanual could be facing future Chilcott inquiries and even years in jail. So, I just want to say, sorry, guys. The “no confirmation” bit in the email will remain a little secret between you and me, okay?

On top of that James Mattis told the House repeatedly that the US has no evidence to confirm the Syrian government has used Sarin and other chemical weapons in the past.

Mattis has made it clear the Pentagon does not find the evidence provided by aid groups and others to be sufficient to prove Assad has used chemical weapons as Newsweek reports.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made it very clear recently that “aid groups and others” had provided the U.S. with evidence that was insufficient to conclude that President Bashar Assad had recently used the chemical weapon Sarin against Syrian civilians. In other words, the Pentagon does not believe what has been presented to it as evidence, chiefly because of the dubious provenance of the providers.

So, if Theresa May really does plan to say the evidence of UNSC-mandated inspectors  was the basis of her strike, it may be considered misleading parliament. Oops…I won’t go there.

Nikki Haley on Friday told reporters those claims by W.H.O spokesperson Tarik Jarasevic in his email to me were absurd.

“We know who did this. Our allies know who did this. Russia can complain all it wants about fake news, but no one is buying its lies and cover ups,” she said.

Well, that puts me in a very awkward spot indeed, doesn’t it? I guess I really shouldn’t have done what independent journalists are supposed to do and emailed W.H.O spokesperon to obtain up to date information and an confirmation of NO confirmation that the chemical attack took place.

We know what happened to W.H.O spokesperson Glenn Thomas, okay? I was in email communication with him about the Ebola false flag when he…errmmm…died, shall we say, in a mysterious plane crash in George Soros ruled Ukraine…

Let me make it clear to George, Theresa and Nikki, Tarik really didn’t mean to give the game away. It was just an unfortunate fact that got slipped in there after I pressed him on the point and suggested silence would be incriminating…

You can’t afford to lose another WHO spokesperson in such suspicious circumstances, okay? It’s really getting out of hand. Not to mention my own case, implicating George and Alexis…

Alas, it seems even NATO’s disinformation monitors in Europe may have noted my little slip up.

“NATO’s disinformation monitors in Europe say they have seen a concerted effort by Russia to deny the Douma attack took place, despite confirmation from the World Health Organisation, rescue workers, independent journalists and medics.”

Right….Despite NO confirmation from the World Health Organisation and an independent journalist like myself….

Look, let’s not worry about mere facts, okay? Who cares about missile strikes that nearly sparked WW3 last week one day before chemical weapons inspectors were due to arrive in Syria and when no US or UK national interest was at stake?

I certainly don’t! Water under the bridge. Let’s not be petty minded and brood on things that happened last week.

We are facing a much bigger problem, right now, anyway. That is a Russian dirty tricks cyber attack being conducted by a giant panda as is proven by two video clips.

I hope my willingness to share these on my blog will help me repair my dreadful reputation as a Russian disinformation agent or I guess I might end up like Wintston Smith or Glenn Thomas…A sticky thing…

Sorry, Theresa, about that. Apologies, Nikki. Really very sorry.



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