Exclusive video of Russian cyber attacks on the UK!!! Red line crossed again!

This blog has been sent a video clip from a journalist claiming to work for Russian state TV showing a part of the ongoing Russian dirty tricks cyber attack on the UK.

The video confirms that Russia has indeed launched a “dirty tricks” campaign against Britain and the US in the wake of the Syria airstrikes as Boris Johnson warned of and which could lead to more missile strikes against Russia, Syria and WW3.


I have applied my analytical skills to this video, studied it in a great deal of detail and I believe it to be authentic.

My reasons are the following

1.The Panda is not indigenous to the UK. It is only to be found in UK zoos, and no zoos reported an escaped Panda. We can therefore, deduce that the Panda cyber attack was not a UK false flag.

2. The Panda almost certainly comes from Siberia’s vast eastern forests. We can deduce this from its size and angry look.

I was also sent another more blurred video but with clearer audio clip.  The Panda definitively growled in Russian.  It can clearly be heard uttering the sound “GRRZZZZ…GRRRZZZZZZZ….” as it flings the computer onto the floor.

Sending a Panda in to conduct a cyber attack is also a dirty trick. I mean, who would suspect an innocent Panda turning up at an office entrance or try to stop it from entering offices. Pandas look so cute, right?

3. The people behind the desks are, moreover, clearly Brits as we can tell from their cool, understated reaction to the appearance of a Russian panda in their midst intent on wrecking their computers.

So, Nikki Haley, Theresa May, Emmanual Macron, get the missiles ready! The proof of a Russian cyber attack on the UK is in!

Set up a domestic Panda bear control room, too, ready to locate and stop the next cyber attack.

This gif is of the same standard of proof as the video and photos claiming to show a chemical attack in Douma, after all. A red line has definitely been crossed when the Russians send a Panda to attack computers in an office in the UK, okay?

The chemical attack videos and the Panda gif are the of equal value in terms of authenticity.

The chemical attack videos even show medical personnel dousing patients who have allegedly been exposed to chlorine with water, happily ignoring the fact that adding water to chlorine turns it into hydrochloric acid. Yes, the lethal agent in mustard gas. 

It seems they hoped for especially spectacular propaganda effects among the public. But a large segment of the public probably get that chemical weapons are about chemical reactions, also with water, which is chemical in nature and reacts with many other chemical agents classified as weapons. I mean, if you could just wash off all toxic chemical agents, where would the problem be, right?


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