RED ALERT! James Mattis and Pentagon generals stopped Donald Trump sparking WW3 over false flag chemical attack. Trump blackmailed by NWO Globalists into pushing WW3 agenda?

Donald Trump wanted to attack Russian and Iranian targets in Syria, nearly sparking WW3,  and he was encouraged by Nikki Haley and  his new security advisor John Bolton, according to the WSJ.

It was James Mattis and the generals who restrained Trump and managed to limit the targets  of his illegal strike to alleged chemical weapons sites.

Alex Jones on Infowars believes that the Globalist Clinton, Soros, Haley  faction have acquired some blackmail material on Trump and likely also Jared Kushner and Ivanka through the McCabe, Mueller and Comey probe, and that’s quite a plausible explanation.

The only people cheering Trump’s illegal missile strike on Syria are Globalist neocons like Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria, who said Trump has morphed into Barack Obama. His base voted for him precisely to stop this kind of WW3 warmongering.

When Barack Obama behaved like this, the Pentagon considered a coup to protect the USA…Now Donald Trump is pursuing the same agenda with the same tactics and the same personnel.

What to do? Fire Mueller and Rosenstein. Give the probe to an independent panel to review to ascertain what evidence has been collected against Trump, and investigate whether Mueller and co have tried to use any of it as personal blackmail material against Trump and other aides.

The Pentagon needs to ignore Donald Trump’s tweets. He simply cannot be allowed to launch WW3 through tweets just because he has been blackmailed or always was a eugenicist Globalist feigning to be a nationalist.

From CNN

Washington (CNN) — Top military officials, including Defense Secretary James Mattis, warned President Donald Trump during an afternoon meeting Thursday that he risks escalating US involvement in Syria if he goes forward with the type of aggressive bombing campaign he has pressed for over the past week, according to US and western officials briefed on the conversation.

Trump has pushed military leaders to develop plans for a sustained assault on Syrian regime targets in response to last weekend’s chemical attack, the officials said. But Mattis and other members of the President’s national security team cautioned Trump during the meeting that such a strategy could pull the US into direct conflict with Russia and Iran.

The resistance has upset Trump, who wanted to take quick action and feels like the options being presented to him don’t go far enough, according to the officials.

Nevertheless, there is a view among Trump’s national security team that the President’s tweets earlier this week — including one threatening US missiles “will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart’ ” — forced their hand and made some type of strikes inevitable. But there is an effort to calibrate the response, even as Trump is pressing his team to act.

“Once the President tweeted what he tweeted we have to go forward,” one senior administration official said.

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