Mirror selfie after a tricky week when I became even more unpopular, shall we say, in some quarters…

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Kremlin spokesperson Dimitri Peskow has said that Russia still seeks dialogue with the USA over Syria.


I hope for all our sakes Vlad and Don do get together on that legendary red phone and have a chinwag about the need for a new or beefed up independent chemical weapons and cyberwarfare inspectorate to settle disputes before they get out of hand, as well as talk a little about economic and political cooperation, and, then, we can all rest in our beds a little bit more easily.

Don could offer Vlad some economic incentives and go ahead with withdrawing US troops from Syria since the Syrian people do not want them. Vlad could, in turn, offer Don some good trade deals, political help stopping North Korea and Iran etc developing nuclear and chemical weapons, stablising the Balkans. They could, in fact, become buddies, an axis of good, so to speak.

Don could also get on the phone with Theresa and Kim Jong and try to settle this new threat emerging in North Korea.


Now, in return for a firm public commitment from King Jong Un to denuclearization ahead of a US DKK summit and a clear roadmap in return for economic help, Don could tell Theresa and Boris to back off a little. Don and Kim Jong could become buddies too. In fact, Don, Vlad, and Kim Jong could enjoy some down time together playing golf, hunting tigers and watching basket ball games.

I am sure Americans and Russians, not to mention the rest of the world would breathe a sigh of relief if we are spared more missile strikes and false flags, which is why a clear roadmap or protocol is needed in case there is a repeat.

The world could agree to first send in independent inspectors, then decide on actions and what may be necessary, proportionate etc

Don could get on with  MAGA again, then everyone will cheer him, though he has a long way to go especially with interest rates at historical levels…

Myself, I am now in an even more sticky position this week having obtained an email from WHO stating categorically it had no evidence or confirmation of chemical attacks in Syria just before Don, Nikki Haley, Theresa May, and Emmanual Macron ordered stikes in violation of international law and without consulting their parliaments or congress…

Moreover, George Soros fixer in Athens, US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, and his NATO affiliated lawyer defending George Soros and Alexis Tsipras will not be happier for my intervention.

Thousands of Greeks have protested the U.S.-led airstrikes over a fale flag against Syria in Athens on Saturday and Monday.


Students clashed today with riot police protecting the US Embassy…


Anyway, while Don and Vlad are on that red phone, they could agree to get me out of here by getting the Greek gov to settle my scandalous case out of court so I can leave and have a nice, normal kind of life.

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